Proposed Common Names

The following new insect common names were recently approved by the ESA Committee on Common Names and are being submitted to the ESA membership for comment. Please submit any comments to the ESA Common Names Committee via by Monday, March 22, 2021.

To view the aggregate proposal form, click here. 

Order: Coleoptera
Family: Curculionidae

Proposed common name: punky wood ambrosia beetle
Scientific name: Ambrosiodmus minor

Proposed common name: date stone beetle
Scientific name: Coccotrypes dactyliperda

Proposed common name: spurred bark beetle
Scientific name: Cryphalus dilutus

Proposed common name: pitless pinhole borer
Scientific name: Euplatypus parallelus

Proposed common name: polyphagous shothole borer
Scientific name: Euwallacea fornicatus

Proposed common name: Kuroshio shothole borer
Scientific name: Euwallacea kuroshio

Proposed common name: tea shothole borer
Scientific name: Euwallacea perbrevis

Proposed common name: tropical nut borer
Scientific name: Hypothenemus obscurus

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