Categories for the Entomology Buyer's Guide

AMS - Area meters
BPC - Biological pest control supplies and equipment
BJT - Books and journals (technical and scientific)
BJE - Books and journals (educational)
CGS - Catalogs
CDE - Chemical dispensing equipment
CSE - Collecting supplies and equipment
CHS - Computer hardware and software
EDR - Electronic data recorders
EMP - Employment
ESE - Entomological supplies and equipment
GGN - Gifts, games, and novelties
GCS - Growth chambers
IRA - Insect-related artwork
ICP - Insect control products
IEM - Insect and environmental monitoring equipment
IPS - Insect photography and slides
IPP - Insect pinning, prep, and dissecting
IRS - Insect rearing supplies and equipment
ISS - Insect screens
ITS - Insect traps
IDP - Insects (dead/preserved)
ILV - Insects (live)
IPM - IPM supplies and equipment
IRH - Insect Research
LCS - Laboratory chemicals
LHW - Laboratory hardware
LWE - Labware
MOE - Microscopes and optical equipment
MAS - Motion analysis systems
PPS - Personal protection and safety equipment
PSR - Pesticides standards and registration
PCS - Pest control supplies and information
PSS - Pheromones, semiochemicals, and synthesis
PPP - Plant protection products
SES - Storage equipment (cabinets, drawers)
VSE - Video and sound equipment
WSR - Web Sites and resources