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Manuscript Reviewer

ESA's peer-reviewed publications would not be possible without the support of our dedicated peer reviewers. Peer reviewers provide feedback to our editors and authors on a paper's writing quality as well as the data and experimental design reported. Each paper published by one of ESA's peer-reviewed journals has been reviewed by at least two peer reviewers.

ESA's editors strive to pair reviewers with papers in their areas of interest and expertise. If you have not served as a peer reviewer and would like to, sign up by creating an account in ESA's online manuscript submission system, ScholarOne, and indicating your preferences in terms of subject matter and organisms studied. Links to each journal's ScholarOne site are provided below:


Each ESA publication is led by an editor-in-chief, an internationally recognized scientist whose reputation brings prestige and visibility to the publication they oversee. Some ESA journals are led by co-editors-in-chief, who share responsibility for and leadership of their journal. The editors-in-chief conduct initial reviews of new manuscripts and withdraw or reject papers that are not appropriate for full peer review. They also recruit knowledgeable, committed entomologists to serve as subject editors for their publications. In addition to their leadership of a specific publication, editors-in-chief guide ESA’s publication program as members of the ESA Publications Council.

Subject editors manage the peer review process and make final decisions on manuscripts. Because subject editors are responsible for the timeliness and fairness of the review process and their decision letters directly influence authors’ manuscripts, their work is extremely important to the reputation of ESA’s publications. Subject editors also attend and participate in the annual meetings of their editorial boards and provide feedback throughout the year to their editors-in-chief. 

If you are interested in serving as a subject editor, please contact ESA at pubs@entsoc.org and staff will be happy to assist you. ESA issues a call for applications when an editor-in-chief position is available.

Publications Council

The ESA Publications Council oversees the ESA Publications Program and advises the ESA Governing Board on publications policies. The council formulates publications and editorial policy recommendations to the Governing Board and develops principles and criteria for the evaluation of manuscripts submitted for publication. Other duties of the Council are specified in the ESA Bylaws, Article X, Section 2.

The Publications Council is composed of one representative from each ESA Section, a representative from the ESA Governing Board, and two At-Large members who are appointed by the President. Editors-in-Chief of publications of the Society, the Book and Media Review Editor, and the Society Managing Editor are ex-officio members. Section representatives serve for four years and are elected by ballot during the annual ESA election. Section representatives must have served previously on an ESA editorial board to be eligible for a position on the Publications Council. The Chair of the Publications Council is elected by the council members from between the two representatives who are completing their second years of their term. The Chair serves for one year. The Council meets at least once a year, during the ESA Annual Meeting.

Please click here for current Publications Council roster via ESA's committee directory (available to ESA members only).

Editorial Boards

Each ESA publication has its own editorial board. Editorial boards are responsible to the Publications Council. The functions of editorial boards are as follows:

  • To propose policy for publications within the guidelines set by the society through its governing board;

  • To recommend appointment of an editor-in-chief to the ESA Governing Board by June 1 of the year a current editor's term expires;

  • To approve subject editor appointments made by the Editor-in-Chief;

  • To review manuscripts rejected by an editor that are appealed by authors and to recommend either rejection or publication of contested manuscripts;

  • To review critically the relevant publication for the purpose of maintaining its high standards;

  • To hold an annual meeting during the ESA Annual Meeting; and

  • To maintain close communication with the publication's editors, the director of communications, and the ESA Publications Council.

Other duties of editorial boards are described in the ESA Bylaws, Article X, Section 3.

Editorial boards are composed of representatives from sections as specified by the ESA Bylaws. Editorial board members are selected by ESA Sections during the annual section business meeting and serve for four years to represent the interest of ESA and of the Section. It is expected that editorial board members publish in the society's publications. Editorial boards meet annually during the ESA Annual Meeting.

The functions of an editorial board member are as follows:

  • To serve as a manuscript reviewer when asked;

  • To report current progress and problems of the publication at the business meeting of the section during the society's annual meeting;

  • To respond in a timely manner to requests for votes, information, and opinions on behalf of the editorial board;

  • To attend the meeting of the editorial board during the ESA Annual Meeting. This requirement is to be stressed in that if a member cannot attend this meeting, it is incumbent upon the member to tell the board's chair beforehand and to respond to the items on the meeting agenda; and

  • To resign from the editorial board if the board member finds that he or she cannot fulfill the commitment and to request that the Section appoint a replacement.

The functions of the editorial board Chair are as follows:

  • To plan and distribute the annual meeting agenda;

  • To moderate the editorial board meeting;

  • To prepare and distribute the minutes of the meeting;

  • To prepare and distribute the editorial board's annual report, if there is one;

  • To maintain board files and to pass them on to the new Chair;

  • To serve as a nonvoting member of the Publications Council;

  • To attend the annual meeting of the Publications Council during the ESA Annual Meeting and to present oral and written annual reports at the meeting;

  • To coordinate the editorial board's voting and approval of subject editors recommended by the Editor-in-Chief;

  • To coordinate the editorial board's review and voting on a manuscript rejection appeal, and to notify the corresponding author, Editor-in-Chief, and director of communications of the board's decision, and

  • To serve as the major point of communication among editorial board members; between the Publications Council and editorial board members; and between editorial board members, publication editors, and director of communications.

The Chair is the member of the editorial board serving the final year of appointment. If two or more members leave the board in the same year, the Chair is elected by the editorial board during the prior year's meeting.

For current rosters and terms of office for the editorial boards, please select from the following list: 

American Entomologist

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Annals of the Entomological Society of America

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Arthropod Management Tests

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Environmental Entomology

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Insect Systematics and Diversity

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Journal of Economic Entomology

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Journal of Insect Science
Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Journal of Integrated Pest Management

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Journal of Medical Entomology

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

Thomas Say Publications

Roster via ESA's Committee Directory (available to ESA members only)

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