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JOB TITLE: Regional Entomologist

JOB STATUS: 100% Full-Time, Immediate Start

JOB PERIOD: 1 October 2017 to 30 June 2018 with the possibility of extension

EXEMPTION: Non-Exempt / Temporary Consultant



SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Experienced and qualified professional sought by the Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA) to build regional capacity in mosquito surveillance and control to limit spread of arboviruses in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs) through: 1) building on the existing entomologic knowledge of vector mosquitoes in the USAPIs; 2) establishing/enhancing routine vector surveillance in Guam and selected jurisdictions of the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs), including the reporting into the appropriate information systems/databases; 3) establishing plans for enhanced vector surveillance in Guam and selected jurisdictions of the USAPIs; 4) supporting the development of the Guam Environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory as a regional resource through technical assistance and training; 5) refining and implementing regional strategies for vector surveillance and control; 6) establishing systems/mechanisms to leverage regional resources (i.e. the Guam Environmental Health Mosquito Lab and the Northern Pacific Environmental Health Association (NPEHA) to enable successful mosquito surveillance systems in selected jurisdictions; 7) providing technical assistance to further refine existing vector control strategies for the islands tailored for the unique settings of each jurisdiction, including the development of response plans if new introductions of mosquitoes of public health importance are identified, or when a new pathogens are introduced to existing local vectors as in the case of repeated introductions of DENV; and, when appropriate, 8) providing emergency medical entomology support if/when an arboviral outbreak is identified.


Consultancy tasks are to be planned and conducted in consultation with relevant assigned PIHOA technical staff, Guam Department of Public Health Division of Environmental Health staff, and local Environmental Health program staff in participating jurisdictions, and members of the Northern Pacific Environmental Health Association (NPEHA). The position shall be under the overall supervision of the PIHOA Executive Director. Additional technical advisory support shall be provided by US CDC’s Regional Career Epidemiology Field Officer (CEFO), co-located at the PIHOA Guam Office. Position will be housed at the Guam Division of Environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory in Dededo, with occasional visits to the PIHOA Guam Office in Hagatna, as required.



1. Reports to: PIHOA Executive Director and/or assigned PIHOA Technical Staff

2. Geographic Areas of Responsibility: U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands)

3. Supervises: None

4. Fiscal Responsibilities: No

5. Signature Authorities: None

6. Level of Interaction: Must be able to work independently and in collaboration with other team members and project stakeholders. Must be able to follow complex instructions and have the initiative to complete multiple competing tasks. Knowledge of acceptable office practices and procedures a plus. Must possess exceptional organizational, communication, and time management skills. Must be flexible and capable of working in resource-limited settings with limited communications and other infrastructure. Must also be able to work in varying cultural, social and political settings where English fluency is variable.

7. Special Requirements: May be exposed to hazardous gases and liquids, acrid chemicals, vectors and vector-borne diseases, rough terrain, inclement weather conditions, high humidity, intense heat and sun, vicious animals, poisonous plants/sea creatures, and travel in small prop planes and/or small boats over rough seas. Must be willing to travel from duty station for long periods of time (travel estimated at 40%).




  1. Works closely with the Guam Division of Environmental Health leadership and staff to build technical staff competencies and capacity of the mosquito lab into a regional resource for vector surveillance systems. This will include:
  1. targeted training in entomology;
  2. providing technical assistance in mosquito identification, rearing, pathogen-testing, insecticidal resistance assays;
  3. developing systems for shipping/importing/accepting/processing specimens sent from other jurisdictions;
  4. establishing/refining appropriate standard operating procedures for essential laboratory activities;
  5. exploring opportunities for further collaboration with regional agencies and institutions of higher learning;
  1. Provides technical assistance and support to sustain and strengthen Guam’s routine and enhanced vector surveillance programs; and
  2. Reviews and refines the Guam’s routine and enhanced integrated vector control plans, and implements vector control program.


At 2-3 selected “pilot” USAPI jurisdictions (to be selected at later date)

  1. Provides technical assistance to establish/enhance routine vector surveillance in a USAPI jurisdiction other than Guam. This may include:
  1. travel to the jurisdictions;
  2. reviewing existing systems and recent vector assessments;
  3. creating or refining existing plans and protocols for sustainable vector surveillance;
  4. facilitating the implementation of the surveillance programs;
  5. establishing mechanisms to utilize regional resources (i.e. Guam environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory) to support the jurisdiction’s surveillance program;
  6. ensuring surveillance activities are systematically collected, analyzed and reported in the appropriate databases (i.e. MosquitoNet); and
  1. Reviews and refines the jurisdiction’s routine and enhanced integrated vector control plans, trains vector control technicians, and assist with vector control program development.


Region-wide (USAPI) Work

  1. Maintains the USAPI Mosquito Summary Database of entomologic assessments performed in the USAPI;
  2. Establishes systems to ensure data collected from vector surveillance activities are recorded and reported to the appropriate information systems, such as MosquitoNet and CalSurv;
  3. Reviews summary of entomologic assessments and identifies entomologic knowledge-gaps in the region, and plans for environmental and mosquito assessments to eliminate these gaps;
  4. Prepares report on capacity of each USAPI’s program on mosquito surveillance and control (i.e., staffing, equipment, laboratory, control);
  5. Provides key entomologic information to help inform the development of appropriate vector control plans for each jurisdiction of the USAPIs;
  6. Coordinates with NPEHA, regional partners (e.g. CDC and WHO), and local environmental health departments to evaluate/enhance local integrated vector management plans based on knowledge of the local vectors;
  7. On request, provide technical assistance and training to NPEHA members;
  8. Reviews and enhances existing Northern Pacific Vector Control and Prevention Capacity Systems Improvement Strategy, and utilizing this strategy for planning and implementing the activities above; and
  9. Provides entomologic training and on-going technical support to local vector control response teams.



  1. Submission of monthly invoices for consultancy payment that provides full detail and status of times and activities/outputs completed/achieved/in progress at the end of the month.
  2. If position traveled, invoices to also include Travel/Trip Reports and other supporting documentation.
  3. Submission of allowable travel reimbursable receipts (calling/internet cards, airport tax, excess luggage, car rental fuel, etc.).
  4. When completed, submission of all final and approved deliverables and reports to be uploaded to PIHOA’s Shared Archives.



  1. Refined protocols for routine vector surveillance and enhanced vector surveillance for Guam;
  2. Documented and tested mechanisms to ship specimens to Guam Environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory for testing from other USAPIs (aligned with PIHOA’s existing USAPI Lab Specimen Shipping Mechanism);
  3. Refined standard operating procedures (SOPs) for key Guam mosquito lab activities;
  4. Revised integrated and enhanced integrated vector control plans for Guam and participating USAPI pilot jurisdictions;
  5. Operational routine vector surveillance systems at pilot USAPI jurisdiction sites
  6. Maintained/enhanced USAPI Mosquito Summary Database (based on past assessments and assessments completed during contract);
  7. Assessment Report on each USAPI jurisdiction on capacity for mosquito surveillance and control;
  8. Updated Northern Pacific Vector Control and Prevention Capacity Systems Improvement Strategy;
  9. Routine mosquito surveillance data reported to MosquitoNet;

10. Report on all trainings provided to Guam and other jurisdiction local staff; and

11. Standard PIHOA trip reports



1. Education: Minimum of a Master’s degree in entomology with an appropriate focus that includes vector mosquitoes.

2. Job Experience: Minimum of five (5) years of experience working as an entomologist, in public health setting preferred, including: (1) mosquito trapping, (2) mosquito identification, (3) mosquito rearing, (4) pathogen-testing, (5) insecticidal resistance testing, and (6) programmatic experience in integrated vector management.

3. Job Knowledge: Knowledge of mosquito vector trapping, identification, life cycle. Knowledge of integrated vector management, including policies, protocols, and programming.

4. Abilities and Skills: Must have excellent English speaking and written communication skills. Must possess valid driver’s license. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Knowledge of database applications a plus.

5. Physical and/or Medical Demands: Must be able to lift up to forty-five (45) pounds.

  1. Travel: Must be willing to travel within the USAPIs with long durations away from home duty station.
  2. Citizenship Requirements: Must be a US citizen, or have valid US Green Card, US Permanent Residency Card, or other relevant US visa type that allows for residency and employment in the US and its territories, and must be valid for the duration of the consultancy period.



1. Prefer doctoral degree from an accredited college or university in entomology with a focus in public health and medical entomology

2. Advanced knowledge of mosquito trapping, identification, and control

3. Expertise in evaluating/enhancing local vector management programs

4. Ability to work in resource limited settings

5. Past experience working in island settings

6. Holds a pesticide applicator license or certification, or has ability to obtain license or certification


PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: Requires prolonged sitting and some standing, walking, kneeling, and bending, requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate computer keyboard and office equipment, and to travel in infrastructure and resource limited and/or rural and jungle/atoll/mountainous environments. Requires normal range of hearing and vision to perform job duties. Requires occasional lifting up to 45 pounds. Must understand vague and implicit instructions, and react favorably and in an open and diplomatic manner in all work situations. Must be able to communicate in a positive and professional manner. Must be mentally adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people from a variety of different circumstances, languages, cultural beliefs and practices, and health knowledge. Must be able to work in an intense work environment with multiple competing tasks and deadlines. Must be able drive a vehicle and have a valid driver’s license. Duties require extensive traveling, so a valid passport is required.


COMPENSATION: Commensurate with qualifications and experience in accordance with PIHOA technical consultancy pay scales. Relocation travel airfare, per diem, and associated travel lodging from home base to duty station (Guam) and other USAPI sites shall be covered by PIHOA. Fringe and other benefits are not covered under PIHOA consultancy contracts.


TERM OF POSITION: Temporary Consultancy from time of hire to June 30, 2018, with possibility of renewal pending funding availability.


APPLICATION: Submit the following electronically with attention to Emi Chutaro (, Executive Director, and cc to Andrea Whitt (, Office and Program Support Officer, and Regie Tolentino, Office Administrator (, no later than January 12, 2018, Hawaii Standard Time:


1) Letter of Interest that outlines your overall qualifications and professional experience in response to the Primary Qualifications, including Secondary Qualifications where applicable, of the position vacancy announcement;

2) Curriculum Vitae or Resume; and

3) Minimum of three (3) work references current to the last 5 years of professional work.


ATTN: Emi Chutaro CC: Andrea Whitt

Executive Director Office and Program Support Officer

737 Bishop Street, Suite 2075 414 West Soledad Avenue, Suite 800

Honolulu, HI 96813 Hagatna, Guam 96910


Regie Tolentino

Office Administrator

737 Bishop Street, Suite 2075

Honolulu, HI 96813


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