Report From the June 2018 ESA Governing Board Meeting

July 25, 2018

The ESA Governing Board meets four times per year (twice by conference call and twice in-person) to discuss strategic initiatives, oversee the work of staff and volunteers, and advance new ideas to benefit the organization. A brief summary of activities is published after each Governing Board meeting to inform members about board activities and decisions.

The Governing Board met in Annapolis, Maryland, from June 19-20. During the meeting, the board heard progress updates on ESA's 2018 strategic initiatives, the 2018 Joint Annual Meeting, and ESA's science policy initiatives. The board also heard updates from the ESA Certification Corporation as well as ESA's Branches, Sections, and Committees.

The board also took the following actions:

  • Agreed to place the bylaws changes proposed by the Special Committee on Governance before the membership for a vote; further agreed that, if the bylaws changes are approved by the membership, the Society will adopt the Policy Manual proposed by the Special Committee on Governance
  • Approved the nomination of Frank Zalom to serve as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Economic Entomology and of Eric Rebek to serve as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Integrated Pest Management
  • Approved recommendations from the ESA Publications Task Force to improve member satisfaction in the ESA journals and further charged the task force to work with staff and Oxford University Press to gather member input on pending financial recommendations
  • Voted to unify ESA policy on harassment and scientific misconduct and tasked the Committee on Ethics and Rules with developing appropriate policy language to this effect
  • Voted to appoint a task force to recommend a new name and logo for the Linnaean Games in light of concerns about the racial theories of Linnaeus
  • Voted to ask the staff to review and evaluate options for updating the program enhancement fund allocations for ESA's Annual Meeting, Branches, and Sections
  • Approved the 2017 ESA auditor's report
  • Approved a transition plan to ensure smooth operations in the event of an unplanned absence or departure of the ESA executive director
  • Voted to recognize Sonny Ramaswamy during the 2018 Annual Meeting for his service as director of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture
  • Approved nominees for Honorary Membership
  • Selected the 2018 class of Fellows of the ESA

Members with questions about the outcomes from the June Governing Board meeting can contact ESA Executive Director David Gammel at

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