Report From the June 2019 ESA Governing Board Meeting

July 31, 2019

The ESA Governing Board meets four times per year to discuss strategic initiatives, oversee the work of staff and volunteers, and advance new ideas to benefit the Society. A summary of activities is published after each meeting to inform members about board activities and decisions.

The ESA Governing Board met in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 27-28. During the meeting, the board held several strategic discussions, on topics including business trends affecting ESA, state legislative issues and their impact on ESA's meeting locations, and financial challenges facing ESA's Branch meetings. The board also heard updates on science policy initiatives and on the final steps involved in dissolving the Entomological Foundation and establishing the Chrysalis Fund.

The board also took the following actions:

  • Approved motion to explore options for ESA to develop new revenue opportunities and to redirect $25,000 budgeted for a membership retention study to research how ESA can better support entomologists in careers outside of academia.
  • Approved journal nonsubscription pricing changes proposed by ESA's publisher Oxford University Press.
  • Approved Portland, Oregon, as the site for the 2025 ESA Annual Meeting.
  • Approved 2018 ESA audit report.
  • Approved 2019 mid-year ESA financial report. 
  • Declined a motion to provide $35,000 in travel award funds for early career professionals attending ICE 2020. A second motion to provide $12,000 in travel award funds for students and early career professionals attending ICE 2020 was also declined.
  • Declined a motion to convert the temporary science communications stimulus support matching funds to the Branches to permanent support.
  • Approved a motion to increase ESA member dues by a minimum of 1.9%, effective in 2020.
  • Approved a motion to disband the ESA e-Community and end ESA's contract with the e-Community provider.
  • Approved a motion to donate $2,500 to the Chrysalis Fund in honor of late ESA member Marianne Shockley.
  • Approved an updated ESA position statement on tickborne disease.
  • Approved appointment of members to the Committee on Ethics and Rules.
  • Approved a motion to direct the ESA Committee on Ethics and Rules to develop recommendations for the formation of a Committee on Awards and Honors Canvassing and a Committee on Leadership Development, with recommendations to be delivered to the Governing Board at its November 2019 meeting.
  • Declined a motion to propose the addition of one appointed at-large representative to the ESA Governing Board.
  • Declined a motion to allow past nominees for the three ESA pass-through awards to be reconsidered at the national level without having to be nominated again by the Branch.
  • Approved updates to the ESA Society Policy Manual, including an update to the description of the Committee on the Insect Calendar and updates to the Communications section of the manual based on the recommendations of the ESA Publications Task Force.
  • Approved the final recommendations of the Linnaean Games Task Force and directed staff to work to form a committee to guide the implementation of the task force's recommendations.
  • Selected the 2019 class of ESA Fellows.

The ESA Governing Board also convened as the ESA Certification Corporation Governing Board during this meeting and heard updates on the Certification Corporation's activities and finances.

Members with questions about the outcomes from the June Governing Board meeting can contact ESA Executive Director David Gammel at

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