Chrysalis Fund Grant Application Scoring Rubric

Chrysalis FundAll grant applications that are submitted in compliance with the guidelines will be eligible to be considered for funding and will be judged according to the following scoring rubric.​ Please note that applications may be funded in whole or in part, at the discretion of the reviewers and depending upon funds available for that funding year.

Project concept (35 points total)

  • Concept statement (5 points)
  • Concept description (5 points)
  • Project goals and objectives (15 points)
  • Organizational competency of applicant (10 points)

Planning (30 points)

  • Assessment of ESA's investment impact (10 points)
  • Assessment of applicant to deliver on goals (10 points)
  • Assessment of level of cooperation between partners (5 points)
  • Assessment of completeness of budget (5 points)

Expected impact (35 points total)

  • Positive impact on STEM education by using insects (10 points)
  • Assessment of ability to document positive impacts/outcomes through survey or evaluation (10 points)
  • Significance of the project (10 points)
  • Applicability and/or ability to be reproduced by others (5 points)