Writing committee - Genetic research

At their January 2019 meeting the ESA Science Policy Committee approved the development of an ESA position statement on the importance of continued research on gene drive technologies in entomology. Capitalizing on information that has been captured in previous ESA documents, such as the infographic on gene drives, the position statement on IRM in genetically modified crops, the "Is Bt Safe to Eat?" fact sheet, and the (retired) position statement on transgenic insect resistant crops, the writing committee members will be asked to develop a statement that speaks to the importance of continued work on this profoundly important technology while remaining cognizant of the inherent risks and the importance of developing safeguards.

Writing committee members should be ESA members in good standing who have knowledge, expertise, and experience on the topic. The application period to serve on the writing committee was extended through March 1, 2019 but is now closed.