ESA to Hold Annual Meeting in Reno

Lanham, MD; October 20, 2008 – An estimated 2,500 entomologists and professionals in related disciplines from around the world will gather November 16-19 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada to exchange scientific information at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). The Meeting will feature 67 symposia on topics such as agriculture, biotechnology, climate change, pest control, Integrated Pest Management, invasive species, regulation, ecology and medical entomology.

Some featured symposia include:

* Insects in a Changing World: Impacts of Global Climate Change on Insect Populations

* Global Impact of Biological Invasions: Transformation in Pest Management Approaches

* The Darwinian Metamorphosis of Entomology

* An Entomological Perspective Addressing Challenges in the Developing World: New Frontiers in Food and Bio-security

* Metamorphosis: The Development of Entomology into an Interdisciplinary Science

Twenty-two symposia were chosen by ESA Section leaders, include the following (a full list is available at

* Lignocellulose degradation by insects and their gut symbionts with potential applications to the biofuels industry

* Entomology without Borders - The Next Stage in Resistance Management

* Environmental fate of transgenic insecticidal proteins from genetically-modified crops: The metamorphosis of ecotoxicology

* From North American pest to European threat: 21st Century western corn rootworm management at home and abroad

Thirty-nine other symposia, coordinated by individual ESA members include (full list at

* The Evolution of Military Entomology

* The Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms in Entomology

* Forest Entomology: Changes Impacting Our Discipline

* Managing soil arthropod pests in vegetables: High stakes and long odds

* Metamorphosis of Vineyard Pest Management

* Stored Product Insect Pest Management: Decades of Change, Recent Advances, and Challenges for the Future

Other Meeting events include:

* The 51st International Insect Photographic Salon, with photos of insects, spiders, and related arthropods

* The Linnaean Games, a “College Bowl” type competition on entomological facts played between university-sponsored student teams

* Student poster and oral presentation competitions

* Dozens of receptions sponsored by universities, corporations and other organizations

Members of the media are welcome to attend the ESA Annual Meeting for free (proper press credentials are required). To register prior to November 8, please contact Richard Levine at or 301-731-4535, extension 3009. After November 8, members of the media should register onsite at the meeting, November 16-19, at the ESA Information Booth in the registration area of the Convention Center.

A full list of symposia and events is available at:

Founded in 1889, ESA is a non-profit organization committed to serving the scientific and professional needs of more than 5,800 entomologists and individuals in related disciplines. ESA's membership includes representatives from educational institutions, government, health agencies, and private industry.