Student Debates at Entomology 2010

Entomology 2010 in San Diego featured three topics on "Issues Surrounding Biodiversity." The winners and runners-up are listed below.

Topic 1: "Increasing natural enemy diversity among arthropods is compatible with the goals of biological control and IPM” 

First Prize: University of Georgia
Members: Rachel Boettjen, Sonja Brannon, Shaku Nair, Stephanie Weldon, Whitney Boozer
Coach:     Dr. Paul Guillebeau

Runners up: Louisiana State University
Members: Katherine Parys, Jennifer Gordon, Blake Wilson, Sebe Brown
Coach:     Dr. Thomas E. Reagen

Topic 2: Global climate change will have substantial long-term negative effects on arthropod diversity

First Prize: Auburn University
Members: Addison Barden, Esther Ngumbi, Prithwiraj Das, Charles Stephen
Coach: Dr. David Held

Runners up: Penn State University
Members: Sheena Sidhu, Maggie Douglas, Bentley Thomas G., Elina Lastro Niño, Jason Smith, Ian Grettenberger
Coach: Dr. Mike Saunders

Topic 3: Transgenic insecticidal crops will conserve biodiversity

First Prize: Columbia - American Museum of Natural History
Members: Melanie Smith (AMNH), Isabelle Vea (Columbia University)
Coach: Dr. James Danoff-Burg

Runner up: University of Florida
Members: Margaret Paxson, Gaurav Goyal, Wendy Hartman, Harsimran Gill
Coach: Dr. Gregg Nuessly