2015 SysEB Student Research Travel Award Winners

We are extremely happy to announce the winners of this year's SysEB Student Research Travel Award (SRTA). This year, we received a total of 29 proposals, which were reviewed by six judges (SysEB Section leaders and one external reviewer) based on review criteria specified in the original call proposals. We are fortunate to be able to fund the top 5 applicants this year based on our budget. Moreover, we are extremely pleased to announce our first reciepient of the SysEB Student Research Endowment Award, which is given to the top ranked applicant. The following students are the winners of this year's STRA. 

Allan Cabrero (Recipient of SysEB Student Research Endowment Award)
San Diego State University
"Speciation via niche conservatism in relict harvestmen"

Christie Sukhdeo
University of New Orleans
"The impacts of bush-meat hunting on dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) phylogenetic community structure and dung removal rates in Cameroon"

Seira Ashley Adams
UC Berkeley
"Chemical recognition cues in an adaptive radiation of Hawiian spiders"

Sarah Augusta Maccracken
University of Maryland
"Fossilworks Intensive Workshop of Analytical Paleontology"

John Terbot
University of Kentucky
"Pine sawfly larvae aggregation"

Congratulations to these excellent students and we wish the best in their research endeavors. We would also like to remind the members that your donation is what helps the next generation of insect systematists and evolutionary biologists. So, please visit our SysEB Student Research Endowment page for more information and donate!