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Entomological Terminology (selected)

  • Brown, R. W. 1954. Composition of scientific words. Published by the author, 882pp.
  • Foote, R. H. 1977. Thesaurus of entomology.  Ent. Soc. Amer., College Park, 188pp.
  • Nichols, S. W. and R. T. Schuh (compilers). 1989. The Torre-Bueno Glossary of Entomology (revised). N.Y. Ent. Soc. & Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. 840pp.
  • Torre-Bueno, J. R de la 1962. A glossary of Entomology: Smith’s “An explanation of terms used in entomology”. Completely revised and rewritten, and Supplement A (ed. G. S. Tulloch). Brooklyn Ent. Soc.1-336, 9 plates, Supplement:1-36.
  • Triplehorn, C. A. and N. F. Johnson. 2004. Borror and DeLong’s Introduction to Insects, 7th Edition. Thomson, Brooks/Cole. 864pp. [Glossary]
  • Tuxen, S. L. 1970. Taxonomist’s glossary of genitalia in insects. 2nd revised edition.Munksgaard, Copenhagen, 359pp.

Miscellaneous Useful References

  • Schmitt, M. H. Huebner, and R. Gaedike. 1998. Nomina Auctorum – Aufloesung von Abkuerzungen taxonomischer Autoren-Namen. Deutsches Ent. Inst. Nova Suppl. Ent. 11(1998):1-198. A list of 4,687 abbreviations of author names found in the literature.
  • Colcord, M., I. L. Hawes, and A. J. Carabelli 1930. Check list of publications on entomology. USDA Library, Bibliographical Contributions 20:1-261.
  • Horn, W. and S. Schenkling. 1928. Index Literaturae Entomologicae. Serie I: Die Welt-Literatur ueber die gesamte Entomologie bis inclusive 1863. Band 1 (Aalborg-Ferriere):1-353. W. Horn, Berlin-Dahlem;  Band II (Ferrill-Leconte):353-704; Band III (Leconte-Schaum):705-1056; 1929 Band IV (Schaum-Zwinger):1057-1426. [a list/index of all entomological references by author from Linnaeus until 1963, i.e. pre-Zoological Record, with all the details of the citation]
  • Derksen, W. and U. Scheiding. 1963. Index Literaturae Entomologicae. Serie II: Die Welt-Literatur ueber die gesamte Entomologie von 1864-1900. Deutsche Akademie der Landwirtschaftswissenschaften zu Berlin. Band 1 (A-E):1-697; 1965, Band II (F-L):1-678; 1968, Band III (M-R):1-528; Band IV (S-Z):1-482; 1975, Band V (Index):1-238.

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