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Governing Council Meeting Minutes

Dr. Drew Tyre, a wildlife population ecologist at the University of Nebraska, discusses and demonstrates how entomologists and other scientists can use R and RStudio as an end-to-end solution for data management, visualization, and analysis. He focuses on the tools that enable the paradigm of "reproducible research" because, as Dr. Tyre says, "Your most important collaborator is yourself in 6 months, and your past self doesn't answer emails!"

Dr. Laramy Enders (UNL) and Dr. Sarah Zukoff (KSU) outline the many ingredients required to deliver a truly great scientific presentation. In the first half, Laramy focuses on the dos and don’ts of presenting at an annual meeting such as ESA’s, Entomology 2015. In the second half, Sarah focuses on presenting to the public in an extension capacity. Combined, they offer valuable advice for entomologists and scientists in any stage of their career.

Drs. Julie Peterson, Jen White, and Kelly Tindall share many helpful insights on the crucial role that time management and organization have played, and continue to play, in their lives. They provide tips and tricks for managing a demanding academic, research, or work schedule (or maybe all three!); dealing with an extension appointment; and searching for and getting your first real job - all while enjoying your life and maintaining sanity!

Learn the difference between internal and external funding streams, three effective habits of successful investigators, specific proposal writing skills and strategies, and more. Dr. Robin G. Walker, head of the Grad Student Progress System at the University of Missouri, presented this webinar and offered an insider's look at the proposal development, writing, and evaluation process.

Alex Wild, a renowned insect photographer, discusses how anyone can utilize any camera (even an iPhone!) to produce great insect photos in this webinar. He offers five simple tips to improve your insect photographs, discussing topics ranging from camera lighting and positioning to dealing with often-uncooperative subjects.

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