In-Person 10-minute Paper Presenter Information


The Program Committee works diligently to group presentations in sessions along similar topics and themes and to resolve as many scheduling conflicts as possible. While the Committee does their best to take all of these factors into account, a perfect fit is not always possible. The size of each session is dependent upon the initial number of papers submitted to each topic area. 

Diversity & Inclusion Considerations for Symposium Organizers

  • Does your symposium submission represent the breadth of work being done on a topic by speakers with different demographic backgrounds?
  • Are there individuals from typically underrepresented groups (e.g. early career professionals, non-male, non-White) who may have been overlooked that you could invite to be a part of your symposium?
  • What resources (e.g. documents, webinars, blog posts, etc.) would be helpful to you and others in helping to recruit symposium organizers from underrepresented groups?

Antlion Pit Competition

We are excited to welcome back the Antlion Pit Competition to Entomology 2023 in the Nation’s Capitol. Antlion Pit is designed to empower ESA members to develop and present their innovative ideas for entomology-related products and services. The competition encourages the development of the entrepreneurial spirit through idea leadership, innovation, teamwork, and mentorship.

2023 Tours and Ticketed Events

Monday, November 6

Women and Allies in Entomology Breakfast
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
Price: $40 for the first 50 tickets sold, $48 after the discount is exhausted or purchased onsite.