President’s Welcome Message

Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson

Welcome to St. Louis and Entomology 2019. The meeting’s theme is Advocate Entomology! and the focus is on the innovative things that we can do to promote our science. Think of Entomology 2019 as a platform for you to flex your entopreneurial muscles, innovate, and advocate.

Our program committee chairs, Rayda Krell and Patti Prasifka, are planning an unprecedented program. The opening session will feature Erica McAlister, dipterist, science communicator extraordinaire, and tireless advocate of all things entomology. We’re excited to have our inaugural Antlion Pit competition for any member who wants to pitch an idea for a product, service, process, or solution that will benefit entomology. And, we will have infographics as a presentation option. We’ll continue an Awards Breakfast which will include our Founders’ Memorial Lecture, and the popular interactive workshop format will be an option for submissions.

In addition to Entomology 2019, ESA leadership and staff will continue throughout the year to build on the foundational work of prior ESA presidents. We remain committed to our core strategic principles:

  • ESA has a social responsibility to develop ALL of its members
  • The science of entomology is global; therefore, ESA is global
  • ESA must increase its influence to realize our profession’s full potential

We continue to advance these principles in all the things that we do. Our Society depends on ALL of its members and we need your leadership now more than ever to help us rethink and reshape entomology.

I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis where we all can advocate and innovate together for our amazing discipline.

Robert K. D. Peterson, Ph.D.
President, Entomological Society of America

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