Work on Your Social Life: Starting Social Science Collaborations

In this informative and interactive webinar, presenters Erika Machtinger, PhD, CWB®, Keith Machtinger detail the benefits of interdisciplinary instruction and draw connections across disciplines. Attendees will gain an understanding of the planning foundations for an interdisciplinary course and discover potential resources and techniques. The presenters will also share their insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with interdisciplinary courses. Dr. Jerrod Penn and Dr. Hannah Penn, will then display how economics and surveys complement entomology. The presenters will offer recommendations on working with an economist. Attendees will learn the fundamentals and practical advice on survey design.



Erika Machtinger, PhD, CWB® - Dr. Erika Machtinger holds a B.S. from the University of Delaware in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology, and an MS and PhD in Entomology from the University of Florida. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University. As the principal investigator for the Veterinary Entomology Laboratory, her research focuses on arthropod pests of veterinary concern.

Keith Machtinger - Keith is an instructor in the College of Education at Penn State University. He has taught social studies methods courses, supervised field placements, and co-created and co-taught a cross-disciplinary course, Plagues through the Ages. He has a long history in education instruction from elementary through post-secondary.

Dr. Jerrod Penn is an applied economist focused on the intersection of resource/environmental impacts and policy with sustainability and society. His interdisciplinary collaborations include work with entomology, conservation, forestry/wildlife, and hospitality/tourism, regularly using surveys to identify economic values for changes in the environment.

Dr. Hannah Penn is an entomologist focused on integrated pest management in agricultural systems and has worked with Dr. Jerrod Penn extensively.

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