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Experient is the official housing company for the 2018 Joint Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Attendees can obtain discounted convention rates by reserving through the official Housing Reservation system from this page.

Reserving within the official ESA housing reservation system is what enables us to secure better rates for our attendees, as well as to contract desirable space and dates for the future of the ESA. The negotiated discounted rate at our host hotels range from $161-$221 CAD (convert to USD) per night single/double + tax and offers you the best access to the meeting and downtown Vancouver, you can’t beat it!

Thank you for booking within the official hotel block. ESA appreciates your support and understanding of this important issue.  If you are having issues with loading the above web page, please try another browser or contact Experient Customer Support at 800-465-5411

Please be aware that ESA or its housing partner will never contact you by phone or email to reserve a hotel room.  If a company is contacting you, they are not an authorized ESA housing agency and it could be a scam.  Do not reserve with these companies as we are not able to guarantee a room.

What is the "ESA Block"?
A large number of quality hotel rooms at reduced prices within walking distance to the 2018 Joint Annual Meeting and events at the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC). In order to secure our meeting space at preferred dates, ESA has to perform to the booking criteria established by the hotel. Such criteria require the booking of a significant number of room nights through the week in order to qualify for discounted meeting space at the VCC.

Why stay within the ESA Room Block?
“Around the Block” (not staying at one of the official hotels, or booking a hotel room not through the official housing page) booking impacts association revenue both directly, through attrition fees charged to ESA for unused pre-contracted rooms, and indirectly through the loss of negotiation leverage for meeting space, dates and rates in subsequent years. Guaranteeing room blocks gives us the opportunity to negotiate concessions, such as better room rates, free Internet in guest rooms, less expensive food and beverage, number of meeting rooms, affiliate meeting space, gym access, etc. Housing is a key component in how this leverage is measured, and ‘around the block’ booking decreases our negotiating power–ultimately making the meeting more expensive. None of us wants to see higher attendance costs.

How does booking outside the block affect me?
If ESA is unable to achieve its room block commitments because attendees make reservations at other hotels, or at other accommodation options (such as apartments), or cancel/shorten their length of stay at the block hotels, then our overall room night performance is hurt. Depending on how small or large the gap is between the room commitment and the actual room pickup, such penalties could cause ESA unexpected expenses.

It’s better for you in the Block
ESA have worked with the hotels to develop individual incentives (beyond “doing it for the good of the society”). Staying within the block has the following benefits for event meeting attendees:

• Lowest Rates – Important discounts on room rates and special amenities are available (such as guest room internet and gym access).

• Networking – Easily network with friends, colleagues, and mentors by staying in the hotels they are staying in so your paths will cross organically.

• Reduce travel time and costs by being close to all activities day and night. All rooms are a short walk to the VCC. One hotel located six blocks away will offer a complimentary hotel shuttle to/from the VCC each day.

• Keep costs low – Help keep overall event costs as low as possible for future events.

• Guaranteed room reservations – and a housing company to back up your reservation. You’ve Got Advocates When You Book in the Block – If you have any problem or negative experience related to housing, our housing company, Experient, will act on your behalf to correct problems.

ESA recognizes that its event attendees have a number of options when securing hotel accommodations for our Annual Meeting. If you require a hotel in Vancouver, we recommend you reserve your room through our official housing site.



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