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Membership in ESA is one of the best things that you can do for your career in entomology. It is a way for students to stand out from the pack and for career professionals to show their dedication and achievements within their chosen field of study.

Membership in ESA is always based on a calendar year (from January 1 to December 31) regardless of when you join or renew. As such, it is greatly to your advantage to start your membership as early in the year as possible in order to maximize your benefits..


Regular Members - $168

Regular membership in ESA is open to anyone who has interest or training in insects, including researchers, teachers, extension service personnel, administrators, marketing representatives, research technicians, consultants, students, and hobbyists. Most ESA members are in this category. Dues are personal and non-transferrable.

Student Members - $49

ESA offers discounted membership rates for students – approximately 75% off regular member dues rates. A discounted Student member rate provides students with access to all of the benefits of regular members.

To qualify for discounted Student membership rates, you must be at least a part-time student at some point during the membership year (i.e. if you start the year as a student and subsequently graduate, you will continue as a Student member for the duration of that year and can renew the following year as a Student Transition member).

Student Transition Members - $85

ESA realizes that when students graduate, it can take some time for them to establish themselves financially. In recognition of this, ESA offers a 2-step pricing structure for our Student Transition and Early Professional members.

Once a Student member graduates, they are eligible to maintain membership as a Student Transition member for two years at a discount of 50% off regular member dues. Student Transition memberships are only available to those individuals who were Student members in the year prior.

Early Professional Members - $125

Anyone who has recently graduated and was not a Student member the year prior should join ESA as an Early Professional member. Early Professional membership is available for up to five years to help graduates establish themselves financially. After this point, Early Professional members should join or renew at the Regular member rate.

Family Members - $253

ESA recognizes that when there are two entomologists in the same household, there is an opportunity to save on dues by consolidating memberships. Under the Family membership program, two full members in one family can join for one price. Both individuals are active and full members of the Society, although each family receives only one copy of the printed publications. Each member receives his/her own log-on information for the online publications and maintains their own ID number.

President's Circle Members - $336

Want to give back to your Society and profession? As a sub-category of regular membership, this membership option is open to anyone who has interest or training in entomology and wants to make an additional contribution to the Society.

Dues are set at twice the level of Regular members. President’s Circle members may designate how they want their extra funding to be spent. Options include to sponsor another entomologist or student from anywhere in the world, who may otherwise not be able to join or renew.

To become a President's Circle member, please select the category when you join. If you are a current member and would like to switch to President's Circle, either do so at renewal, or contact ESA Membership Services at or call 301-731-4535.

Click here to view a list of President's Circle members.

Emeritus Members - $85

This category is open to any ESA member who is in good standing and has retired from active professional service with 15 consecutive or 20 cumulative years of membership. Benefits are the same as for regular members. Members must apply to the ESA Governing Board for Emeritus member status by emailing or by calling 301-731-4535.

Emeritus Gold Members - $44

Once a member has achieved Emeritus status and has reached 75 years of age (or more), they are automatically eligible for Emeritus Gold status. The member must contact ESA's Membership Services Department in writing at or by calling 301-731-4535 and ask to have their membership type changed.

View a list of Emeritus members.

Honorary Members - $0

Honorary membership is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an ESA member. Honorary members are nominated and then elected by the full membership of the Society. The category is open to any member in good standing, 60 years of age or older, who has served long and with distinction in the field of entomology, and who has faithfully participated in the affairs of the Society for at least 20 years. Dues and ESA Annual Meeting registration fees are gratis for honorary members. Submit an Honorary member nomination.

View a list of those entomologists who have received the title of Honorary member.

Developing Country Membership - $49

ESA offers a Developing Country membership to entomologists who are located in the developing countries and regions list here. Full ESA member benefits are provided at the student rate to entomologists in these countries. The Developing Country membership will automatically apply during the join/renewal process. ESA retains the right to change the definition and eligibility criteria for members in developing countries to pay for membership at a discounted rate.

2025 Dues Rates

Regular Members - $170

Student Members - $55

Student Transition Members - $88

Early Professional Members - $129

Family Members - $256

President's Circle Members - $340

Emeritus Members - $88

Emeritus Gold Members - $45

Honorary Members - $0

Developing Country Membership - $45

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