World of Insects Calendar

Every year, the ESA World of Insects Calendar showcases the stunning beauty of our arthropod peers through striking, world-class photography.

Photographs are selected by the ESA Committee on the World of Insects Calendar and must be of the highest aesthetic and technical quality. A call for photos is announced early in the year for the following year's calendar, which is published each year in November.

Call for Photos: OPEN

Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2018

The photo submission period for the 2019 World of Insects Calendar is currently open. The Entomological Society of America seeks the finest specimens of insect photography for inclusion in the next edition of the World of Insects Calendar. Submissions are now being accepted. ESA membership is not required; any and all interested photographers are eligible to submit images for consideration.

Photographs will be selected by the ESA Committee on the World of Insects Calendar and must be of the highest aesthetic and technical quality. Last year, more than 550 photos were submitted for consideration for the 2018 calendar.

Photo submissions must meet the following criteria to be accepted for judging:

  1. JPG format (no more than 3000 pixels wide).
  2. Common or scientific name must be included in each filename.
  3. Insects and related arthropods (arachnids, myriapods, entognathids) are welcome; however, please note that a maximum of one (1) non-insect image will be chosen for the calendar.
  4. All photographs must be horizontal and rectangular (vertical or square photos will not be accepted).
  5. Photographs of dead insects that are posed or mounted are not allowed.
  6. A maximum of six (6) photographs may be submitted by a single photographer (more than six submissions will disqualify all of a photographer's entries).
  7. Submissions must be e-mailed to by 11:59 p.m. eastern time (U.S.) on May 1, 2018.

Also, winning photographers will be asked to:

  • Write a concise paragraph to accompany the photograph on the biology of the species or genus/family.
  • Grant ESA permission to publish their photos in the calendar as well as on the ESA website and social media for the purposes of promoting the calendar. In all uses, photographers will be credited by name.

Photos not selected for the 2018 calendar may be considered for future use on the cover of one of ESA's journals, in which case the photographer would be contacted to request permission for use on the journal cover. (Photographers not interested in having images considered for future ESA journal covers should indicate this preference when submitting photos for the calendar.)

For questions regarding the 2019 World of Insects Calendar call for photos, please contact Joe Rominiecki, ESA manager of communications, at

2018 Calendar: SOLD OUT

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For the 2018 calendar, more than 550 photo entries were submitted by 133 insect photographers from around the globe. The 2018 cover photo captures an ant-mimicking katydid nymph (Eurycorypha sp., Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), taken by Vida van der Walt, of Pretoria, South Africa.

The 2018 World of Insects Calendar is sold out. Look for the 2019 edition to go on sale in November 2018.