Professional Advancement Career Training (PACT) Initiative

Students and early-career professionals in entomology: Are you looking for tools and training to make yourself stand out as you look for the next step in your career?

ESA’s new Professional Advancement Career Training (PACT) program will help you develop the leadership capacity and “soft skills” sought after in today’s highly collaborative work environments—both within and beyond academia.

Join us in 2021 for a six-month program that will guide you in identifying your current areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Each month of the program will focus on a unique theme in leadership and soft-skill development, and activities will include

  • a monthly webinar
  • a monthly call with a mentor
  • a monthly, guided group discussion with peers

More details will follow, so keep an eye on this space. Or, to request program updates to your inbox, email ESA Director of Strategic Initiatives Erin Cadwalader, Ph.D.

Career-Development Resources

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