Code of Conduct

By attending any ESA event, you agree voluntarily to abide by our ethics policy.

A code of conduct is a collection of rules and regulations that include what is and is not acceptable or expected behavior. By attending any ESA event, you agree voluntarily to abide by our code of conduct policy, which is part of the broader ethics policy.

Authorship: All authors connected to a presentation and/or abstract must agree on all information contained in the presentation. Failure of an author to agree to the presentation format will lead to the presentation being withdrawn from the conference.

An author who submits a presentation to any ESA Meeting must have intentions of attending, registering, and presenting at the meeting once the submission is accepted into the program. Repeated or consecutive last-minute cancellations by presenters may result in future submissions being denied.

Capturing, Sharing, and Posting without Permission: Presenters and attendees cannot photograph, screenshot, capture, or otherwise share images or presentation data without a presenter’s expressed written permission.  Presenters are encouraged to use our share (downloadable)/do not share (downloadable) icons. Presentations without “share” icons should be considered privileged and should not be shared outside the virtual platform.

Harassment and Safety: ESA is dedicated to providing a safe, hospitable, and productive environment for everyone attending our events, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability, physical appearance, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. It is important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is neither healthy nor productive. Accordingly, ESA prohibits intimidating, threatening, or harassing conduct during our conferences.

The ESA ethics policy applies to speakers, staff, volunteers, interns, and attendees. It defines expected behaviors, definitions of harassment, and reaffirms our support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of entomology and, specifically, at our conferences. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned, expelled from the conference, and/or barred from future attendance at ESA events, at the discretion of ESA leadership.


Want to file a complaint, have questions, or need assistance?
Please contact Stacie East, ESA's Director Equity and Grants at +1 (301) 731-4535 x3030 or e-mail.

  • All reports are kept confidential to the extent possible. We do not share the names of reporters with leadership when determining next steps.
  • You may choose to submit an anonymous report. Please note that while we will keep track of anonymous reports, we cannot act on a single anonymous report without further corroboration.
  • All reports are taken seriously and will be investigated.
  • We will gather all relevant details and information (verbal or written) from the reporter, the target (if they are not the reporter), and witnesses, and the digital archive. Investigations may extend beyond the end of the meeting.
  • The outcomes of investigations and subsequent sanctions will not be made public; however, those reporting incidents will be informed of the outcome.
  • In addition to the actions that may be taken at meetings (as described above), violators of the code of conduct will receive written documentation of the actions taken at and following the meeting.