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The study of insect science can provide a fascinating and rewarding career.

Typically, entomologists study insects and their relationships to the environment, humans, animals and other organisms. The science of entomology provides many opportunities to those interested in the diversity of nature – from studying insects related to human and animal health, quality of life, crop and forest management, discovering new species, forensics used in crime scenes, and in many other areas.

Entomologists can be found in all types of work environments, including in the field, laboratories, classrooms, museums, and specialized work such as regulatory entomology, armed forces, and the pest control industry.

ESA offers the following information about obtaining an education and career in entomology.

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Memoirs of Black Entomologists: Reflections on Childhood, University, and Career Experiences: Advice for students on pursuing a rewarding career in entomology from 20 successful black entomologists working in all aspects of the entomological sciences. Available in ESA’s online bookstore.

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