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The Resolutions Committee shall solicit resolution items from the membership, draft the resolutions for the Annual Meeting in consultation with appropriate standing committee(s), and report them to the Final Business Meeting of the Annual Meeting.

1. Students and judges must satisfy criteria stated on application form. 2. The Program Committee will be instructed to place all student papers scheduled for competition in a group during an appropriate submitted paper session. 3. Three judges will judge each session. 4. Judges will be identified on judging sheets by number. A master copy of judge/number combinations will be kept confidential by the chairperson of the Ad hoc Committee on Student Paper Competition. Judges may sign and address the forms if desired.  

Office of the Past President, ESA Eastern Branch Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

Office of the President-Elect, ESA Eastern Branch

Parliamentarian, ESA Eastern Branch

Public Information Committee, ESA Eastern Branch

Full list of the Past Presidents of the Eastern Branch

The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Meeting Site Selection Committee.

The Bylaws, Article IV, Section 11, state that the Chair shall be appointed for a three year term and shall serve as Eastern Branch member on the Membership Committee of the parent Society.