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Archivist-Historian, ESA Eastern Branch

Awards Committee, ESA Eastern Branch

General Charge of Responsibility by Eastern Branch Bylaws Article II

The Screening Committee is responsible for obtaining and selecting the best qualified nominees for CIBA-GEIGY Recognition Award in entomology, the Sandoz Award for Excellence in Pest Management (formerly the J. E.

The objectives of the Graduate Student Committee are to: 1) increase participation by the Branch's graduate students in Branch affairs; 2) to aid in the incorporation of the graduate student population as an integral part of the Branch; 3) to increase student membership in the Society; 4) to incr

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Office of the President, ESA Eastern Branch 1. The President will have appointed his/her Chairs for the Local Arrangements and Program Committees well in advance (preferably prior to the mid-winter meeting) so they can work with the current Chairs.

General charge of responsibility by Eastern Branch Bylaws: Article II

The Resolutions Committee shall solicit resolution items from the membership, draft the resolutions for the Annual Meeting in consultation with appropriate standing committee(s), and report them to the Final Business Meeting of the Annual Meeting.