Insect Science Career Data

ESA offers a salary, compensation, and benefits benchmarking survey tool. The 2023 survey data collection is now open, as of April 2024, and will close at the end of the year.

Applying for jobs? Curious about where your current salary and benefits stand compared to your peers? Or, are you posting a job opening at your institution? By participating in ESA's annual salary benchmarking survey, you can inform your future career decisions, or evaluate the competitiveness of salaries prior to posting the job to ensure you are attracting the right candidates. 



ESA's benchmarking survey tool will collect salary and benefit information annually to provide the best snapshot of the current employment of the industry. The survey results will help ESA to evaluate the potential needs of members within the profession, where to direct resources, and how to advocate on members behalf.   

Anyone in entomology or a related field can participate in the annual salary benchmarking survey. To participate, read the informed consent statement and login to the platform using your credentials. Filtered results access is limited to current ESA members. You may save and return to the site as often as you like to enter your data.  Returning users should use the same login profile each time.

By participating in the ESA Insect Science Career Data, participants grant ESA permission to use their data to update ESA member profiles, to produce reports and/or for other purposes not yet identified. Personal, identifiable information will not be shared or presented in any format. All data will be reported in the aggregate and no data will be shared with third party vendors.

Compensation and Workforce Trends in Insect Science - Demo Webinar

ESA hosted an hour-long demo to explore the salary, compensation, and benefits benchmarking tool – Insect Science Career Data. Learn how annual salary benchmarking through ESA will inform your future career decisions. Haven’t included your data points in the survey? Watch this webinar and learn why you should!


Am I required to participate in the salary census to access results?

Yes, you must answer a minimum of 50% of the questions pertaining to your salary and benefits to access results.   

Who can participate in the Insect Science Career Data Salary Benchmarking Survey?

Anyone in entomology or a related profession can participate. Participants do not have to be ESA members but must have an ESA online profile to access the platform and submit data. To create an ESA profile, click here. Please note that only ESA members will have access to results within the platform. If you are not an ESA member and wish to gain access to the results, you can join ESA here. 

What type of information is collected?

The Insect Science Career Data benchmarking survey collects information on participant’s institutions, their position, salary, compensation, and benefits as well as demographic information such as ethnicity, age, and educational background. 

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Not all questions are required, however you must complete 50% of the survey to receive access to the filtered results.  

You may save and return to the site as often as you like to enter your data.  Returning users should use the same login profile each time. 

How do I provide feedback on the Insect Science Career Data Benchmarking Survey?

All comments and questions should be directed to