Make Connections at ESA's Annual Meeting

ESA surveys have shown that ESA meetings are a great place to make connections, especially when you are looking for a job! Those keenly interested in the science make it a point to be there. And, you should too! Informal interviews typically take place throughout the week during the Annual Meeting (even without you knowing you’re being interviewed or scouted!). 

Plan to come to the ESA Annual Meeting to communicate the global science of Entomology - be inspired by others sharing their research with you and make new collaborations; you never know how it will shape your career! Learn more.

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Why You Should Attend ESA's Annual Meeting

[Through ESA, I've made] connections that later turn out to be very, very important, that I didn’t know were important at the time... I’ve made connections that have led to, my current post doc position for instance. - Dr. Rebecca A. Schmidt-Jeffris, Early Career Professional Member