Tourism Vancouver

Our partners at Tourism Vancouver have put together a wealth of resources to highlight everything to see and do in the Vancouver-area. Here are a few of our favorites:

FlyOver Canada

ESA, ESC and ESBC have partnered with Persuit to offer our attendees a 20% discount for their FlyOver Canada experience.  

Sit down, strap in and take flight over our amazing land and its people. From Canada’s east coast to the west, FlyOver Canada’s sensory technology lets you soar over montaintops, breathe in pine forests and feel the mist from waterfalls. It’s a ride you’ll never forget. Wind scents and other amazing effects willl make you feel like you are truly flying.

Open daily. Located within the East Vancouver Convention Centre.

Show your ESA, ESC, and ESBC Joint Annual Meeting conference badge and save!
Save 20% on gate admission prices and save 10% on retail, food and beverages.














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