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Traveling to Canada from another country? Be sure to bring the Canada Border Services Agency Event Recognition Letter with you when arriving in Canada.

Do US Citizens need a Passport to enter Canada?

For tourist visits to Canada of less than 180 days, U.S. citizens do not need visas. Other types of travel (e.g., to work, study, or immigrate) generally requires visas. For complete information on visa categories and requirements, consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens.

When traveling by air from Canada, U.S. citizens are required by U.S. law to present a U.S. passport book. A few exceptions to this rule and a full list of documents that can be used at land and sea borders are provided on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.

Children under 16 need only present proof of U.S. citizenship.

Anyone with a criminal record (including misdemeanors or alcohol-related driving offenses) may not be able to enter Canada without first obtaining an approval for rehabilitation well in advance of any planned travel. To determine whether you may be inadmissible and how to overcome this finding, please refer to the CIC website.

Using your passport to fly to Vancouver, be sure your passport is valid for at least six-months after your trip (May 2019). If you have a US Visa, be sure your Visa is valid for your return entry into the USA after the meeting.

Do you need a Visa to enter Canada?

According to the Government of Canada “Most people need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization to travel to Canada. Some people may only need their valid passport. Answer a few questions to find out what you need to travel to, or transit through, Canada.” Complete the quiz.

Turns out you need a Visa? Complete the online application.

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