Bill Kolbe Celebrates 40 Years in Urban Entomology

William A. Kolbe, BCE, technical director for Viking Termite and Pest Control, just celebrated his 40th year in the urban-entomology/structural-pest-control industry.  

After graduating with a degree in entomology from the University of Delaware in 1974, Kolbe started in the structural-pest-control industry as a service supervisor. He was the chair of the National Pest Management Association Rodent Committee (1986), chair of the Copesan Technical Committee (1983), a member of the Pi Chi Omega Board of Directors, and author of "Chapter 14: Flies" for the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control (9th Edition).  

During his career in pest management, he also served in the United States Army Reserves and retired in 2002 after 28 years of service.  

Bill and his wife Patricia reside in Denville, New Jersey.