Renew your ESA Membership

Thank you for your continued membership with ESA. 

2020 Membership: Please click below or visit your Member Dashboard and click on Invoices & Receipts.

2019 Membership: If you did not renew by February 15, 2019, you will need to rejoin the Society

Don't Forget:

Your ESA Membership is for one calendar year. All memberships expire for the current year on December 31.

Want to renew your membership easily each year? 
Enroll in our Auto Renewal Program by simply selecting "Yes" at the bottom of the Payment Information page.

****Please note that dues and other payments to ESA by mail can take several weeks to process, especially during peak renewal season (November-February). Consider paying via credit card to avoid payment delays. All payments sent by mail go to ESA’s bank lockbox for processing and therefore can delay access to your benefits. To avoid payment delays, pay via credit card by logging into your online ESA account.****