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The John Henry Comstock Graduate Student award is sponsored by ESA and is given to an outstanding graduate (usually Ph. D. level) student from each Branch of the ESA. The award consists of an all-expense-paid trip to the ESA Annual Meeting, a $100 cash prize, and a certificate.

Award submissions are currently closed. The nomination deadline was December 17, 2020.  Professional Awards

Information on Eastern Branch officers, committees, bylaws, and governance.

Local Arrangements Committee, ESA Eastern Branch Responsibilities:

Nominations Committee, ESA Eastern Branch

Program Committee, ESA Eastern Branch

L.O. Howard Distinguished Achievement Award 2015 Ann Hajek; Reboboth 2014 Richard Casagrande; Williamsburg 2013 Charles Vincent; Lancaster 2012 Randy Gaugler; Hartford

Awards Committee, ESA Eastern Branch

Archivist-Historian, ESA Eastern Branch