Get Out of the Elevator!: Succinct and Compelling Interactions with the Public 

Many science and industry professionals have been told to “develop your elevator pitch.” This workshop provides the tools to prepare for brief and compelling interactions that may occur on an elevator, in the soybean field, or anywhere.

What: Participants in this experiential workshop will use exercises to help them move from “information overload” to authentic inspiration. We will explore the components of clear communication and learn how to develop spontaneity and overcome the “curse of knowledge.” Participants will refine their stories into messages that inspire curiosity and engagement. 

Benefits: Participants will consider the interests of the people with whom they wish to engage.  They will learn to adjust their messages in response to these interests and will expand their ability to speak and write with emotion in concise, clear, and appropriate messages that move the listener and spark curiosity. Each participant will leave the workshop with a greater ability to connect one-to-one in brief and effective communications. 

Target audience: Developers of presentations, outreach materials, or social media. For those in highly technical fields that need to build their networks or communicate to a public audience in presentations or abstracts.

When: Tuesday, March 11, 8 am - noon, Drillfield Room, Inn at Virginia Tech

Learning methods: Improvisation, guided interaction, experiential exercises, discussion.

Maximum number of participants: 30 (no additional fees required, however you must sign-up in advance)

Presenter: Patricia Raun, Director of Virginia Tech's Center for Communicating Science

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