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In the opening business meeting of our 2018 meeting in Madison, we will be discussing and voting on two proposed changes to our organizational documents – one to the constitution and one to the bylaws. These will require a positive vote of at least ¾ at the business meeting.

President - Blair SiegfriedVice President - David O'BrochtaVice President-Elect - Kun Yan ZhuPast President - Pete

For information on Southeastern Branch's goverance, officers, and committees, please select from the following: Current Officers (members only)

For more information on Pacific Branch's governance and officers, please select from the following: Current Officers (members only)

President - Mark WrightVice President - Diane AlstonVice President-Elect - Jeff BradshawPast President - Meli

The Governing Council of each Section consists of elected officers to include: President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Representative to the Governing Board of The Society.

A resolution is a formal statement of a decision or opinion put before or adopted by the Society. Historically, ESA's resolutions were submitted, evaluated, and disseminated during the ESA Annual Meeting through an annual presidential committee, the Resolutions Committee.

ESA Past Presidents - 2013 Photo

Please use this form to submit nominations for all open branch positions. All ballots will be available online during the 2018 Branch Elections (January 5 - February 4). Carefully read all instructions and proof your form before submitting. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

ESA’s Strategic Principles include the following statement, “ESA has a social responsibility to develop all of its members.”  ESA’s Outcome Statement includes the following, “To increase the diversity and satisfaction of members and customers as well as the value provided to them.”