Brewer, Su Join Zalom as Co-Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Economic Entomology

Trio of editors to marshal growth of premier journal in applied entomology

Annapolis, MD; June 4, 2019—As the most-cited journal in entomology continues to grow, so too will its leadership ranks.

Mike Brewer, Ph.D., and Nan-Yao Su, Ph.D.

Mike Brewer, Ph.D., and Nan-Yao Su, Ph.D.

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) welcomes Mike Brewer, Ph.D., field crops entomologist and associate professor at Texas A&M University, and Nan-Yao Su, Ph.D., distinguished professor of entomology at the University of Florida, as new co-editors-in-chief of the Journal of Economic Entomology. Brewer and Su are joining current editor-in-chief Frank Zalom, Ph.D., distinguished professor of entomology at the University of California, Davis, to form a three-person team to lead the journal.

"With Dr. Brewer and Dr. Su coming on board to join Dr. Zalom, the Journal of Economic Entomology has an all-star team of editors at the helm," says ESA President Bob Peterson, Ph.D. "My colleagues and I on the ESA Governing Board are proud of the continued growth of the Journal of Economic Entomology, and we're excited to see where these editors take it next."

Frank G. Zalom, Ph.D.

Frank G. Zalom, Ph.D.

The Journal of Economic Entomology is ESA's largest journal by publishing volume and the most-cited journal in entomology. Zalom began his tenure as its top editor in 2018, and co-editors-in-chief were sought in early 2019 to support the journal's continued high standards and growth in serving the field of economic entomology.

"In the last few years, the Journal of Economic Entomology has grown significantly, with many new journal submissions each year," says Cheryle O'Donnell, Ph.D., national taxonomic specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Identification Services and chair of the Journal of Economic Entomology Editorial Board. "The JEE board conducted a search and found two highly qualified individuals, each with different strengths that will complement each other and Frank. With unanimous approval and with great pleasure, the JEE board welcomes Mike Brewer and Nan-Yao Su as the new co-editors-in-chief to join Frank Zalom."

The trio makes the Journal of Economic Entomology the third publication in ESA's family of scientific journals to adopt a team-oriented model, in addition to Environmental Entomology and Insect Systematics and Diversity, which are each led by a pair of co-editors-in-chief.

Journal of Economic EntomologyBrewer and Su's initial terms as co-editors-in-chief will last four years and begin immediately.

"It is a great privilege to join the co-editor team and the subject editors of the Journal of Economic Entomology," says Brewer. "I am excited to pursue new initiatives with this team, while maintaining the quality of the journal as it handles the important regular submissions from our ESA members and others interested in the journal."

Brewer brings nearly 40 years of experience in economic entomology to the role, having published 89 peer-reviewed journal articles, seven book chapters in that time, and 114 proceedings papers and Agricultural Experiment Station and extension articles. His research has focused on integrated pest management of sugarcane aphid and other field crops, and he has conveyed that research into real-world impacts through his companion outreach working with colleagues at Texas A&M's AgriLife Extension program. Brewer has previously served as a field crops subject editor for the Journal of Economic Entomology and has been a member of ESA since 1983. He holds three degrees in entomology—B.S., University of California, Davis (1981); M.S., Louisiana State University (1985); and Ph.D., University of California, Riverside (1990)—as well as an M.S. in applied statistics from Louisiana State University (1986).

"I am honored and thrilled to join Drs. Zalom and Brewer as the co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Economic Entomology, which has served as the major publication outlet for many applied entomologists in the world," says Su.

Su also carries a career spanning four decades into his role with the journal. His research has explored the behavior, ecology, and control of termites and has led to significant advances in the field. He has published 283 peer-reviewed articles (80 in the Journal of Economic Entomology) and 16 book chapters, holds several patents on termite-control applications resulting from his research, and was inducted into the Pest Management Professionals Hall of Fame in 2018. He has been a member of ESA since 1980. Su holds two degrees in sericultural science from Kyoto Institute of Technology (B.S., 1975, and M.S., 1977) and a Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Hawaii (1982).

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