ESA Members Approve Adding Early-Career Representative to Governing Board

Proposed bylaws amendment passes; nominations sought in 2022

election results

Annapolis, MD; October 21, 2021—Members of the Entomological Society of America have voted to approve the addition of a seat to the ESA Governing Board to be filled by an early-career professional member of the Society.

The amendment to the ESA Bylaws was originally proposed by the ESA Early Career Professionals Committee in early 2021 and approved by the Governing Board in March to be put forth for a member vote. The voting period opened September 20 and ended October 19, and the amendment was approved by more than 84 percent of members who voted, exceeding the two-thirds threshold required in the ESA Bylaws for adoption of amendments.

“Early-career professionals in entomology are a critical community within our field. They represent the next generation driving innovation in our science, and this new position on the Governing Board will enable ESA to better serve ECP members as well as give this highly active membership category more direct insight to ESA strategy and governance,” says ESA President Michelle Smith, BCE. “I commend the ECP Committee for bringing this proposal forward, and I thank ESA members at large for approving this measure to enhance their professional society.”

The Bylaws amendment takes effect immediately, and nominations will be sought in early 2022 to fill the seat in ESA’s summer election. The member elected to the seat will then begin a two-year term in November 2022.

Per the amendment, the early-career professional representative on the board will be elected by Early Career Professional Members of ESA, a designation that encompasses ESA’s Student Transition and Early Professional member categories. To be eligible, a candidate must be a member in one of those two categories at the start of their term on the Governing Board.

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