Proposed ESA Bylaws Amendment: ECP Representative position on ESA Governing Board

In a memo to the board, the Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee proposed a dedicated seat on the Governing Board. During the March 2021 Governing Board Meeting, those in attendance voted to forward the following bylaws amendments to the full membership for voting.

Outline of Proposed Bylaws Amendments:

  • Article IV, Section 1. Membership and Authority
    Add “One representative elected by Early Career Professional Members”
  • Article IV, Section 2. Terms and Vacancies
    Change sentence to read “The Section, Branch, and Early Career Representatives to the Governing Board shall serve for three years, commencing with the close of the final Annual Meeting of The Society.”
  • Article IV, Section 2. Terms and Vacancies
    Add sentence “The Early Career Professional Representative to the Governing Board shall be eligible for no more than two consecutive terms. The Representative must be an Early Career Professional Member at the beginning of the term on the board.”

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