Proposed ESA Bylaws Amendment: ECP Representative Position on ESA Governing Board

In March 2021 the ESA Governing Board approved a motion from the Early Career Professionals Committee that recommended changes to the ESA Bylaws that would result in a new seat, with a term of 2 years, on the Governing Board to be filled by an ECP member of ESA. ECP is a membership category which includes Student Transition and Early Professional members. It is defined as someone who completed their terminal degree within the past five years. If the ballot initiative is supported by the membership, in addition to updating the Bylaws, the Society's Policies and Procedures Manual would be updated accordingly.

As proposed, the changes would result in the addition of one seat on the ESA board. Currently the board consists of five officers, four section representatives, six branch representatives, and one student representative. Members of the Board are not paid for their service, and they pay their own registration to the ESA Annual Meeting. The majority of expenses incurred by the Society to support the board is for travel to the summer board meeting which, prior to COVID-19, was held in person. To better serve, learn from, and directly communicate with the ECP entomologist community, the ESA Governing Board supports adoption of this proposed Bylaws amendment.  

Of note, this matter was originally on the summer 2021 ballot but will be re-issued as a special election in September 2021 to provide more information regarding the change to members as they consider whether or not to support the proposal. See the August 13 announcement about this change for further detail.

See the current ESA Bylaws.

The proposed changes to the Bylaws are as follows:

Section Proposed change (text to be added shown in bold)
ARTICLE IV, Section 1

Section 1. Membership and Authority. The Governing Board shall conduct the business of The Society, including oversight of Sections and Branches, and shall be responsible for updating The Society Policy Manual. The Governing Board shall consist of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President-Elect
  • Past President
  • Treasurer
  • One Representative elected by each Section
  • One Representative elected by each Branch
  • One Representative elected by Student Members
  • One Representative elected by Early Career Professional Members
  • Executive Director (nonvoting), who shall serve as Secretary

More than 50 percent of voting members of the Governing Board shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE IV, Section 2 The Section and Branch Representatives to the Governing Board shall serve for three years, commencing with the close of the final Annual Meeting of The Society. A person may not be elected as a Representative to the Governing Board for more than two consecutive three-year terms, except for the Student Representative and the Early Career Professional Representative, who may not be elected as a Representative for more than two consecutive two-year terms. The Early Career Representative must be an Early Career Professional Member of the ESA at the beginning of each term on the board.