Program Enhancement Funds

ESA provides limited complimentary registrations as an incentive to attract invited speakers for the Annual Meeting, thereby improving meeting content and attendance. This waived registration fee is used to enhance the quality of the Annual Meeting program and has certain restrictions on its use, as detailed below.

Symposia and Workshop organizers will submit their requests in the online Annual Meeting Portal. Requests will begin in mid-July. Instructions on how to submit requests will be sent to organizers at that time.

Once the complimentary registrations have been allocated, ESA Sections have the option to utilize their ESA budgeted funds to support or enhance a particular symposium, if they desire. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Complimentary registration is not available to:
    • ESA members in the following membership categories: regular, student, family, honorary, and President’s Circle.
    • Non-ESA members devoting more than 50% of their research, teaching, extension, or administrative time to entomological topics. Entomologists residing in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) would normally be expected to be ESA members. 
  • Complimentary registration is available to invited speakers who are:
    • Student Transition and Early Professional members, also referred to collectively as Early Career Professionals or ECPs.
    • Developing Country members. 
    • Current Emeritus members.
    • Non-members who are not entomologists or devote less than 50% time to entomological topics (therefore, would not otherwise participate in the ESA Annual Meeting).  
    • Qualified recipients are eligible for PEF only once during any 3-year period.

Requesting and Determining Distribution of PEF

All requests must be conveyed to the Program Co-Chairs through the online Annual Meeting Portal. Information on requesting registration waivers will be provided to organizers in mid-July.

The Program Co-Chairs will determine the distribution of the complimentary registration and will notify the organizers and the presenter of their decision. All decisions by the Program Co-Chairs are final. Decisions will be announced by September 1.

Organizers should not make any promises to speakers because complimentary registrations are limited. To help realize expectations, below is the average percentage of program enhancement funding awarded per category in previous years:

Program Category Average Amount of Funding Requests Fulfilled
Program Symposia 80%
Section Symposia 60%
Member Symposia 24%
Workshops 50%

Should a PEF recipient cancel their participation, their complimentary registrations will be returned to the pool for reallocation by the Program Co-Chairs.

Final Distribution of Funds

After October 15, 2020, speaker substitutions will no longer be accepted. 

Recipients will be provided with promotional codes via email to register for the Virtual Annual Meeting.

PEF Eligibility Chart

ESA Membership Status* Eligible Not Eligible
ESA Regular and Student members   X
ESA Emeritus members X  
ESA Student Transition and Early Professional members X  
ESA Developing Country members** X  
*At the discretion of the Program Co-Chairs and not eligible more than once every 3 years.
**Country of residence must match a country listed on the Free access countries list as defined by our partner Oxford University Press.
ESA Non-Members* Eligible Not Eligible
Non-members who are not entomologists X  
Non-members who are entomologists   X
Non-members employed more than 50% of their time in entomology   X
Non-members employed less than 50% of their time in entomology X  
*At the discretion of the Program Co-Chairs and not eligible more than once every 3 years.

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