Entomology 2020 Symposia and Workshops

The following have been selected as symposia and workshops for Entomology 2020.

Program Symposia

2020: A New Vision for Managing the "Wicked Problem" of Pest Resistance
Organizers: Clinton Pilcher and Steven Bradbury

CAMTech: Facilitating Next Generation Pest Management Solutions through Public-Private Partnerships
Organizers: Bryony Bonning and Subba Reddy Palli

Entomology for All:  Diverse Speakers Showcasing Chemoreception in Diverse Insects
Organizers: Walter Leal and John Carlson

Fostering Diversity in Entomology
Organizers: Mamoudou Setamou , Joseph Disi, Barbara Amoah

Insects for Everyone and in Everything: Entomology's Growing Reach
Organizer: Ryan Gott

Looking for Bugs in All the Wrong Places - Finding Entomology Where you Least Expect It
Organizers: Laura Higgins and Susan Moser

Making 'Entomology for All' a Reality - the ESA Diversity & Inclusion Committee's 'Best Practices' for a Truly Welcoming Society
Organizers: Kyle Jordan, Amanda Skidmore, and Brittany Campbell

Section Symposia - Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)

Advances in German Cockroach Biology and Management
Organizers: Changlu Wang, Chow-Yang Lee, and Michael Rust

Chemical and Microbial Ecology of Disease Vectors
Organizer: Baldwyn Torto

Delusions of Infestations (DI): Identifying Issues and Providing Answers
Organizer: Gale Ridge

Oviposition Ecology of Hematophagous Arthropods: Patterns, Processes, and Applications
Organizers: Gideon Wasserberg, Eduardo Hatano

Research and Development of Insect Repellents
Organizers: Mustapha Debboun, Caleb Corona, and Joel Coats

There and Back Again: A Tale of Challenges and Breakthroughs of Understudied Dipteran Vectors
Organizers: Mary Mills and Simon Carpenter

Section Symposia - Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT)

Addressing the Wicked Problem of Pesticide Resistance and Pest Management
Organizers: Adekunle Adesanya and Fang Zhu

Evaluating Sublethal Effects of Agrochemicals on Pollinators
Organizers: Jon Harrison and Adrian Fisher

Immunology for All
Organizers: Yan Yan and Michael Strand

Impact of Evolving Regulations on Commercialization of Genetically Modified Pest Control Products
Organizers: Anikumar Gowda and Betiana Parody

Impacts of Pesticide Toxicity in Agroecosystems – Implications on Physiology, Behavior and Population Dynamics of Pests and Pollinators
Organizers: PriyadarshinI Chakrabarti and Neelendra Joshi

Insecticidal Proteins: From Discovery to Commercialization
Organizers: William Moar, Mark Nelson, and Kara Giddings

New insights into the Development of RNA products for Controlling Agricultural and Medically Important Insect Pests
Organizers: Ana Velez, William Moar, Swati Mishra, and Molly Darlington

The Art, Science, and Industry of Insect Rearing
Organizers: Chitvan Khajuria, Peter Jensen, and Cara Vazquez

Where Did You Come From, Where Are You Going? Insect Navigation: From Neurons to Behavior
Organizers: Joanna Konopka, Ali Afify, and Darya Task

Section Symposia - Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE)

Addressing a Significant Food Security Threat: Spodoptera frugiperda Invasion in Africa, Asia and Australia
Organizers: Boris Castro, Fikru Haile, Rodney Nagoshi, and Marlin Rice

Designing Ecosystems for Insects, Humans and Other Species of Interest
Organizer: Jarrad Prasifka

Drosophila Interactions for All — from Endosymbionts to Ecosystems
Organizers: Kelly Hamby and Jana Collatz

Early Career Professionals Promoting Biological Control in a Changing World
Organizers: Cesar Rodriguez-Saona and Sara Hermann

Entomology for All Plants! Insect Science in Nurseries and Landscapes
Organizers: Ryan Gott, Stacey Jones, and Kevin Chase

Entomology in Urban Agriculture: Growing Food for All
Organizers: Laura Inwell and Warren Sconiers

Entomology of Cannabis sativa: Insect Science and Pest Management in a Burgeoning Industry
Organizers: Jonathan Cale, Katelyn Kesheimer, Kadie Britt, Marguerite Bolt, and Amanda Skidmore

Forentomics: Linking Bark Beetle Biology and Management with Advances in Molecular Biology and Genomics
Organizers: Lynne Rieske-Kinney, Fredrik Schlyter, and Amit Roy

Fundamental Biology to Practical Management of Ambrosia Beetles in Horticultural Tree Agroecosystems
Organizers: Angelita Acebes-Doria and Christopher Ranger

Insect Pests and Beneficial Arthropods in Climate-Change-Resilient Diversified Cropping Systems
Organizers: Subodh Adhikari, Jessica Kalin, Dane Elmquist, and Sanford Eigenbrode

“It’s Going Down for Real” Ecological Interactions in the Soil
Organizers: Anjel Helms, Loren Rivera-Vega, and Swayamjit Ray

Memorial Symposium: Dr. Peter Landolt
Organizers: Megan Asche and Robert Meagher

Research Advancing Pollinator Conservation on Utility Lands
Organizers: Ashley Bennett, Claire Ike, and Geoffrey Williams

We Stink Too! Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Research from Early Career Professionals
Organizers: Joe Kaser and John Pote

What's the Buzz? Highlighting Native Bees
Organizers: Beth Ferguson, Mary-Kate Williams, and Tien Lindsay

Section Symposia - Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB)

Insects and Micro-CT: Recent Advances in the Use of 3-Dimensional Data within Entomology
Organizers: Kristin Dunn and Steven Davis

Myrmecology For All: Combining Morphology, Molecules, Ecology, and Behavior to Advance Ant Systematics
Organizers: Andrea Lucky, Corrie Moreau, and Rachelle Adams

Member Symposia

Advancement in Natural and Biological-based Insecticide Research
Organizers: Sudip Gaire, Babu Panthi, Sandipa Gautam, and Jhalendra Rijal

Aquatic Invertebrates in a Metacommunity Framework: Linking Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems
Organizers: Margaret Hartman, William Lamp, Kelly McIntyre, and Sally Entrekin

Arthropod Saliva: Role in Blood Feeding and Pathogen Transmission
Organizer: Eric Calvo

As Above, So Below and As Within, So Without? Re-visiting the Role of Traditional Field Entomology/ecology in the Age of “Omics”
Organizers: Harit Bal and Matthew Grieshop

Bridging the Gap:  Bringing Entomology to the Public & Other Disciplines
Organizers: Sam Heraghty and Thomas Franzem

Building the Capacity of Insect Scientists: The Role of African Regional Postgraduate Program in Insect Science (ARPPIS)
Organizer: Clement Akotsen-Mensah

Crop Mycotoxins and Their Association with Insects: Impact on Food and Feed Safety and Insect Control Decisions
Organizers: William Mora, Matthew Carroll, and John Vicini

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Monica Farfan and Lorena Lopez

Diversity of Genomic Applications across Entomological Disciplines
Organizers: Brad Coates and Monica Poelchau

DoD Entomology: More Than Just Mosquitoes!
Organizers: Erica Lindroth and Gabriela Zollner

Don't Forget to Pack Your Entomologist: Discovering the Global Impact of Our Science in Surprising Places
Organizer: Georgina Bingham

Early Career Investigator Recognition Symposium
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Lorena Lopez, Nicholas Larson, and Lina Bernaola

Ecology, Epidemiology, and Management of Whiteflies and Whitefly-transmitted Viruses in the United States
Organizers: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Alvin Simmons, and Allen Moore

e-Entomology: Inclusive Outreach in a Digital World
Organizers: Abigail Hayes, Andrea Haberkern, and Evan Waite

Encouraging Metamorphosis for All: Exploring the Undergraduate Experience through Teaching and Research Mentorship
Organizers: Carly Tribull, David Serrano, Scott O'Neal, and James Wilson

Entomology & Technology: Conversations on Addressing ESA’s Science Policy Priorities through Convergence
Organizer: Lauren Diepenbrock

Entomology for All: Diverse Careers for Diverse Entomologists
Organizers: Lina Bernaola, Annie Krueger, Patricia Prade, and Hannah Quellhorst

Expanding Entomology Education and Outreach to Many Audiences
Organizers: Doug Golick, Wyatt Hoback, David Held, Scott Williams, John Guyton, Andrine Shufran, and Faith Weeks

Farm to Fork: Linking Biology of Postharvest Insects to their Management
Organizers: Allison Gerken, Rob Morrison

From Rum Stills to Cotton Gins and Head Lettuce to Head Lice: The Remarkable Development of Spinosad for All
Organizers: Marc Fisher and Brian Bret

Getting Insects in the Classroom: How to Promote and Support Public School Programs on Entomology
Organizer: Kara Ladle

Global Advances in Ant Phylogenomics
Organizer: John Longino

Got Bugs? Effective Messaging when Arthropods are Uninvited Roommates
Organizers: Tamra Reall and Faith Oi

Greenhouse Arthropod Management: Encompassing Past Experiences and Challenging Future Expectations
Organizers: Catharine Mannion, John Sanderson, and Raymond Clout

Highlighting Women's Research: Sustaining Biodiversity & Conservation
Organizers: Leah Buchman, Jaclyn Martin, Erika Peirce, Alexandria Payne, and Janaina Camara Siqueira da Cunha

How It Works: Science Used in Regulatory Decision Making
Organizers: Keri Carstens, Thomas Steeger, and Katrina White

Hyper-Effective Outreach: How Entomology Blossoms Outside The Academic Sphere Through The Ant Keeping Hobby
Organizer: Kendrick Nakamura

Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) for All
Organizers: Scott Ludwig, Graham Head, Caydee Savinelli, Hector Portillo, Kevin Langdon, Patricia Prasifka, Adrian Duehl, and Paul Neese

Insects in Soils: Peering into the Black Box
Organizers: Allison Zahorec and Kyle Wickings

Management of Fall Armyworm in Africa and Asia
Organizer: Rangaswamy Muniappan

Microbes, too! Microbe-produced Semiochemicals as Mediators of Species Interactions
Organizers: Rachel Vannette, Caitlin Rering, Robert Scheaffer, and John Beck

Microbial Interactions and Their Influence on Organisms and Ecosystems
Organizers: Jocelyn Holt, Antonino Malacrinò, and Raul Medina

Mite-y Women in Acarology: Current Research from a Historical Perspective
Organizers: Monica Farfan, Emilie Demard, and Emily Durkin

Mosquito-Microbe Interactions
Organizers: Chinmay Tikhe and Eric Caragata

Mutualism, Manipulation, or Mistaken Identity: Natural Enemy Modulation of Plant Defenses and Multitrophic Effects
Organizers: Asher Jones, Elizabeth Davidson-Lowe, and Sara Hermann

Pathogen-mediated Ecological Interactions: From Microbes to Complex Ecosystems
Organizers: Sayanta Bera, Chad Nihranz, Benjamin Lee, Saumik Basu, and Shirin Parizad

Pollinators and Soybeans: Impacts, Complications, and Future Directions
Organizers: Chia-Hua Lin, Hannah Levenson, and Katherine Parys

Powerful Voices: Overcoming Cchallenges in Entomology - 8th Latin American/ Hispanic Symposium
Organizers: Ana Legrand, Silvia Rondon, Steven Reyna, and Jesus Lara

Small Orders, Big Ideas (Polyneoptera)
Organizers: Derek Woller and Hojun Song

Staphylinidae: When You Care Enough to Study the Very Best…
Organizers: Michael Ferro and Brittany Owens

Sterile Insect Technique for All - Development and Implementation of SIT for Agriculture, Public Health and Natural Ecosystems
Organizers: Houston Wilson and Kacie Athey

Synergy in Biological Control of Invasive Insects: Utilizing the Ecology and Behavior of Natural Enemies
Organizers: Francesc Gomez Marco and Hannah Broadley

Time, Space, and Insects: Large-scale Temporal and Spatial Data for Insect Ecology and Global Change
Organizers: Timothy Luttermoser and Katja Poveda

Organized Meetings

Environmental Entomology and Journal of Economic Entomology Awards and Overview
Organizers: Meloday Keena, Theresa Poland, Michael Brewer, Frank Zalom, and Nan-Yao Su

Highlights of Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology & MUVE Business Meeting
Organizer: Dana Nayduch

International Branch Meeting
Organizer: Thomas Simonsen

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: June Sunny Yoon, Sang-Bin Lee, and Donghwan Choe

Multistate Research Project NE1443: Biology, Ecology, and Management of Emerging Disease Vectors
Organizer: Paul Leisnham

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Meeting and Networking Session
Organizers: Kun Yan Zhu and Ronda Hamm

Plant-Insect Ecosystem (P-IE) Section Awards Celebration and Networking Session (All Welcome)
Organizer: Jeffrey Bradshaw

SOLA Scarab Workers
Organizers: Nicole Gunter and Andrew Smith

SWD Fly Gathering - WERA 1021: Spotted-wing Drosophila Biology, Ecology, and Management
Organizers: Jana Lee and Hannah Burrack

Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity Business Meeting
Organizers: Rebecca Simmons, Jennifer Zaspel, Chris Hamilton, Aaron Smith, and Floyd Shockley

Taiwanese Entomologist Association Meeting
Organizers: De-Fen Mou and Ching-Wen Tan

The Coleopterists Society Annual General Meeting
Organizers: Robert Anderson and Andrew Smith


A Seat at the Table for Everyone: Breaking Down Barriers to Entomology for All
Organizers: Katelyn Kesheimer, Hannah Penn, Karen Walker, Gail Kampmeier, and Phyllis Weintraub

Be the Nerd: Extension Entomology Share Fair
Organizers: Erin Hodgson and Brian McCornack

Finding a Career in an Evolving Job Market
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Carly Tribull, Karl Roeder, and James Wilson

Lead the Way for Women and Minorities in Entomology
Organizers: Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Melissa Siebert, Rayda Krell, and Patricia Prasifka

Working on Getting to Work: Resumes, Career Changes, and You
Organizers: Gwen Pearson and Ryan Gott

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