Entomology 2024 Symposia & Workshops

The following have been selected as symposia and workshops for Entomology 2024:

Program Symposia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Entomology: An Aid to Research, Publishing, and Teaching
Organizers: Eric Riddick, Melissa Siebert, Matt Hudson, Rayda Krell, Margarita Lopez-Uribe, and Christelle Guedot

Empowering Entomology Leaders to Create an Inclusive Workplace
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Anastasia Cooper, Nicole Quinn, Sajjan Grover, Morgan Pinkerton, and Anna Briggs

Empowering Insect Science, Management and Conservation Through Emerging Technologies
Organizers: Jaya Sravanthi Mokkapati and Christina Grozinger

Genetic and Insect-based Control: Technologies, Policy, and Roll-Out
Organizers: Andrew Hammond and Gerard Terradas

How to Be a Vector for Entomophilia: Infecting the Future
Organizers: David Serrano and Carl Hjelmen

Insect Decline & Scientific Societies: Ways All Entomologists Can Help Address This Grand Challenge
Organizers: Erin Cadwalader, Marianne Alleyne, Jessica Ware, Christine Elliott, Silvana Paula-Moaes, Sheina Sim, Gagandeep Brar, Chris Halsch, Sajjan Grover, and Ricky Lara

Section Symposia - Formal and Informal Teaching (FIT)

Advancing Women's Empowerment and Leadership in Extension Entomology: Challenges and Prospects
Organizers: Md Tafsir Nur Nabi Rashed and Sriyanka Lahiri

Building an Entomology Workforce Through Experiential Learning
Organizers: Jessica Sweeney, Susanna Visser, and Stacie East

Careers in Extension Entomology: Strategies for Applied Research, Education, and Student Success
Organizers: Melissa Schreiner, Max Schmidtbauer, Joanie King, Briana Bazile, Silvia Rondon, Kadie Britt, Lisa Mason, Karim Gharbi, and Houston Wilson

Empowering Entomologists: Navigating Extension Pathways
Organizers: Patricia Prade and James Villegas

Expanding Education in Entomology: Advocacy for the Underrepresented Communities & Youth in STEM
Organizers: Erin Harris, Sienna McPeek, Shelby Kilpatrick, and Lauren Beebe

Outcome of Educational Research in Entomology: Best Practices in Education and Outreach
Organizers: Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Lambert Kanga, and Muhammad Haseeb

The Importance of Undergraduate Teaching and Research in Entomology on Academia and on the Community
Organizers: Denise Gemmellaro, Krystal Hans, and Lauren Weidner

Working on Our FITness: Empowering Learning with Insect Toolkits
Organizers: Erin Hodgson and Emilie Demard

Section Symposia - Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)

At the Nexus of Ticks and Tick-Borne Illness Mitigation: Novel Perspectives for Tick Disease Control
Organizers: Paulina Maldonado-Ruiz and Kathleen Walker

Careers Outside Academia Exist... Check out Industry!
Organizers: Michelle Hartzer and Dusana Bondy

DoD Support for New Vector Control and Bite Prevention Products
Organizers: Gabriela Zollner and Michelle Colacicco-Mayhugh

Emerging Voices in Vector-borne Disease: One Health, Health Equity, and Sustainability
Organizers: Nicole Scavo and Cassandra Durden

Enigmatic Bridge of Exo-Endo: Extracellular Vesicles in Arthropod Physiology and Control
Organizers: Xiufeng Zhang, Kristopher Silver, Dana Mitzel, and Ana Velez

Increasing Societal Impacts of Forensic Entomology: Standardizing Practices and Novel Applications
Organizers: Lauren Weidner, Krystal Hans, and Denise Gemmellaro

Innovating Vector Control: Techniques and Strategies for Disease Prevention
Organizers: Sarah Gunter, Kyndall Dye-Braumuller, and Max Vigilant

Into the Wild: Investigating Wildlife-Arthropod Vector Interactions and Implications for One Health
Organizers: Karen Poh, Erika Matchinger, Risa Pesapane, and Danielle Tufts

One Health Approaches to Vector-borne Disease Surveillance and Control
Organizers: Heather Kopsco and Yasmin Tavares

Stored Product Pests vs. Technology
Organizers: Emily Kaul and Rachel Harman

Successful Partnerships Between Academia, the Research Community, and the Urban Pest Industry
Organizers: Anna Berry and Patricia Hottel

Symposium to Honor Michael Haverty and His Mentorship of Entomologists and Their Careers
Organizers: Vernard Lewis and Nan-Yao Su

The Value of Professional Entomology Certifications
Organizers: Laura Krueger and Andrew Sutherland

Section Symposia - Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT)

Adapting to Endangered Species Act Pesticide Label Changes and Mitigations
Organizers: Christopher McCullough and Dowen Jocson

CAMTech: Empowering Pest Management Options Through a Decade of Public-private Partnership
Organizers: Bryony Bonning, Subba Reddy Palli, and Daniel Swale

Challenges of Generating Field-relevant Data for Tomorrow’s Insect-protected Plants
Organizers: Jennifer Fridley, Kimberly Morrell, Frankie Stubbins, and William Moar

Cross-disciplinary Innovations in EPG Science to Address Current and Emerging Issues
Organizers: Anastasia Cooper and Berenice Romero

Empowering Insect Pest Management Tomorrow Through Sterile Insects, Advancements Today and Beyond
Organizers: Jose Carlos Verle Rodrigues, Adalberto Perez de Leon, and Rui Cardozo Pereira

Enigmatic Bridge of Exo-Endo: Extracellular Vesicles in Arthropod Physiology and Control
Organizers: Xiufeng Zhang, Kristopher Silver, Dana Mitzel, and Ana Velez

Improving Communication Between Researchers and Stakeholders to Reduce Threats to Pollinators
Organizers: Brandon Shannon and Andony Melathopoulos

InFormers: Computational and Organizational Insights from the Insect Nervous System
Organizers: Theodore Pavlic, Hong Lei, and Maksim Bazhenov

Neurophysiological Basis of Olfactory Communication and Odor Detection in Insects
Organizers: Juergen Liebig and Jessie Ebie

RNAi-based Bioinsecticides: Realizing the Commercial Potential for Sustainable Pest Management
Organizers: Ibrahim El-Shesheny, William Moar, Ken Narva, and Agoston Jerga

Section Symposia - Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE)

Adapting to Endangered Species Act Pesticide Label Changes and Mitigations
Organizers: Christopher McCullough and Dowen Jocson

Advancement and Future of Microbials as Part of Integrated Pest Management
Organizers: Anamika Sharma, Shaohui Wu, Pasco Avery, Eric Clifton, and Lorenzo Rossi

APHIS PPQ Insect Rearing and Biocontrol: Celebrating the Careers of Drs. Juli Gould & Hannah Nadel
Organizers: Hannah Broadley, Christine Dodge, Mauri Hickin, and Theresa Murphy

Capturing the Co-benefits of Conservation Habitat and Crop Production Within Agroecosystems
Organizers: Daniel Schmehl, Matthew O'Neal, Reed Johnson, and Pierre Lau

Ecology and Management of Natural Enemies in Urban Ecosystems
Organizers: Sam Ward and Caleb Wilson

Emerging Professionals in Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management
Organizers: Ryan Kuesel, Ge Zhang, and Taylor Reams

Empowering Tomorrow’s Food Systems with Controlled Environment Agriculture
Organizers: Mike Wolfin and Samantha Willden

Empowering Wild Bee Microbiome Research and Working Toward Phyllosphere Management
Organizers: Makaylee Crone and Phuong Nguyen

Enhancing Arthropod Mediated Ecosystem Services: Celebrating the Career of Doug Landis
Organizers: Mary Gardiner, Matthew O'Neal, and Jana Lee

Forecasting Invasive Insect Species: Integrating Climate Change Dynamics of Today and Tomorrow
Organizers: Julian Golec and Leonardo Salgado

From Ahasverus to Tribolium: Exploring Pathways in Stored Products and Lessons for Insect Science
Organizers: William Morrison and Sabita Ranabhat

IPM in the Digital Age: Using Big Data to Enhance Decision-making and Bridge Adoption Gaps
Organizers: Emily Rampone and Diego Rincon

Larry Larson Symposium Harnessing the Power of Insect Science to Solve the World’s Most Urgent Needs
Organizers: Boris Castro, Amanda Jacobson, and Luis Gomez

Looking Beyond the Obvious: Employing Novel HTP Tools to Decipher Plant-insect Interactions
Organizers: Sajjan Grover and Camila Hofman

Management Impacts on Arthropod-based Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes
Organizers: DeShae Dillard, Nathan Haan, and Holly Myers

Meeting the Needs of Tomorrow: Can Forest Entomology Be a Model for Insect Science in the Future?
Organizers: Todd Johnson and Kayla Perry

Multifunctional Chemicals? Plant Volatiles Influence Herbivores, Pollinators, and Natural Enemies
Organizers: Morgan Thompson, Emily Russavage, and Olivia Bernauer

Pollinator Work on Federal Lands
Organizers: Michelle Boone, Jonathan Koch, and Erica Gustilo

Relationship Status It’s Complicated: How Interactions Between Non-natives Affects Invasion Biology
Organizer: Ellie McCabe

Section Symposia - Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB)

A Menagerie of Arthropod Symbioses
Organizers: Martha Hunter, Alison Ravenscraft, and Einat Zchori-Fein

Advances in Adephaga Genomics, Systematics, and Evolution
Organizers: Grey Gustafson and Wendy Moore

Arthropod Metabarcoding: A Powerful Tool for Inventorying, Monitoring, and Regenerating Biodiversity
Organizers: Isaac Overcast, Lauren Esposito, and Natalie Graham

Expanding the Future of Cecidology: The Ecology and Evolution of Shrub- and Herb-galling Insects
Organizers: Chris Looney, Quinlyn Baine, and Louis Nastasi

Let Us Be PedANTic: Etymology and Entomology
Organizers: Thomas Sheehan and May Berenbaum

Taxon-Immersion Courses: Sustaining and Inspiring Arthropod Diversity Science
Organizers: Andrea Lucky, Marek Borowiec, and Jason Williams

Member Symposia

A Better Tomorrow: Understanding Human Impacts on Insect Biology
Organizers: Chloe Hawkings and Grayson Tung

A Formidable Foe to Agriculture: Sweetpotato Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci
Organizers: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Alvin Simmons, Judith Brown, and Allen Moore

Acarology Research Methodologies: From Lab to Field
Organizers: Amy Murillo and Emilie Demard

Advancements and Opportunities in Non-Target Organism Risk Assessment of Insect-Protected GM Crops
Organizers: Christopher Brown, Joerg Romeis, Chitvan Khajuria

Bee-lieving in Tomorrow: The Future of Native Bee Science
Organizers: Courtney Walls and Adam Foster

Beyond Eusociality: Social Science Work in Entomology
Organizers: Tyler Carney and Rachel Mallinger

Beyond Graduation: Navigating the Professional Landscape
Organizers: Luis Ochoa Cadena, Erick Martinez, Sara Salgado Astudillo, Vilma Montenegro Castro, and Leslie Alejandra Aviles Lopez

Biology and Conservation of Solitary, Ground-nesting Bees
Organizers: Bryan Danforth, Michael Ulyshen, and Alexandra Harmon-Threatt

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Alexandra Revynthi and Orlando Combita-Heredia

Current Research and Future Challenges for Management of Corn Pests
Organizers: Dalton Ludwick and Aaron Gassmann

Current Research of Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Down a Long and Winding Road: Tackling Insect Research Using Long Reads
Organizers: Yelena Pacheco

Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium and Town Hall
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Anastasia Cooper, and Ellis Johnson

Emerging Trends in Insect-plant Interactions
Organizers: Pritha Kundu, Subhashree Subramanyam, and Sajjan Grover

Empowering Pest Management: Biological Control Strategies Against Spotted-Wing Drosophila
Organizers: Jana Lee, Julianna Wilson, and Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

Empowering Resilience: Protecting Food Security and Native Ecosystems from Invasives with Entomology
Organizers: Hailey Shanovich and Naomy Candelaria

Empowering Tomorrow with Insect Science: I’m Finishing Grad School, Now What?
Organizers: Lauren Fann and Abigail Welch

Empowering Tomorrow: Indigenous Scientists and Insect Science
Organizers: Daniel Marshall, Sky Wildcat, Melissa Reed, and Willow Lovecky

EntoTech: Navigating Careers and Cutting-Edge Technology in Entomology
Organizers: Gurjit Singh, Harit Bal, Swapna Priya Rajarapu, Mandeep Tayal, Gagandeep Brar, and Kashish Verma

From the Ground Up: Using Carabids to Investigate Questions Across Diverse Habitats
Organizers: Evan Waite and Kayla Perry

Graduating Soon? Next Steps on Your Career Path
Organizers: Natasha Umezu, Hannah Stowe, Andrea Rilakovic, and Kashish Verma

Illuminating Forms Most Numerous: Systematics and Diversity of the Tenebrionoidea
Organizers: Charla Replogle, Christopher Wirth, and Olivia Gearner

Industry Perspective - Empowering Ag Through Technological Advancements in Biological Insect Control
Organizers: Monica Olson, Rosana Serikawa, and Valeria Laurentis

Insect Individuality: Why Viewing Insects as Individuals Matters for Tomorrow's Insect Science
Organizers: Amy Toth, Elizabeth Tibbetts, and Jennifer Jandt

Insects as Food, Feed, and Fertilizer: Bridging Research Efforts to Advance Sustainable Agriculture
Organizers: Lisa Neven, Kelsy Robinson, Annie Donoghue, Kristin Duffield, Komala Arsi, Tawni Crippen, Jeffery Tomberlin, Heather Jordan, Aaron Hobbs, Ian Banks, and Elida Espinoza

Insects as Food, Feed, and Fertilizer: Engaging and Training the Next Generation of Scientists
Organizers: Lisa Neven, Kelsy Robinson, Annie Donoghue, Kristin Duffield, Komala Arsi, Tawni Crippen, Jeffery Tomberlin, Heather Jordan, Aaron Hobbs, Ian Banks, and Elida Espinoza

Leafhoppers in North America
Organizers: Berenice Romero, Gina Angelella, Edel Perez-Lopez, and Sean Prager

Life, the Universe, and Staphylinidae
Organizer: Michael Ferro

Managing Thrips as Direct Crop Pests and Vectors of Phytopathogens
Organizers: Pin-Chu Lai and De-Fen Mou

Mating Disruption for Control of Insect Pests
Organizers: Rangaswamy Muniappan and Rolando Alegria

Metamorphosis: From John Henry Comstock Award Winners to Future Leaders in Entomology
Organizers: Jacqueline Maille, Michelle Au, Alexis Alsdorf, Flinn O'Hara, and Sabita Ranabhat

Navel Orangeworm Integrated Pest Management for Today & Tomorrow
Organizer: Michael Garvey

Old Pest, New Problem: Bt Resistance in European Corn Borer in North America
Organizers: Jocelyn Smith, Matthew Carroll, and Kelsey Fisher

Ornamental Entomology
Organizers: Thomas Whitney, Adam Baker, and Chris Riley

Queer Entomology: A Retelling of Entomology Through a Queer Lens
Organizers: Vilas Brown, Olivia Carter, Lauren Esposito, and Jessica Ware

Recent Advancements and Study Prospects in Insect Vector Diseases in Specialty Crops
Organizers: Rekha Bhandari and Sudeep Pandey

Refining the Blueprint for an Impactful Career in the Dynamic World of Insect Science
Organizers: Adekunle Adesanya and Travis McClure

Responses to a Changing Climate: Integrating Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution
Organizers: Angela Smilanich, Katherine Malinski, Anngely Leeds, Lorrie He, Brendan Graham, and Victoria Peechatt

Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium
Organizers: Jacqueline Maille, Michelle Au, Alexis Alsdorf, and Flinn O'Hara

Shifts in Soybean Pest Populations and Management in the Americas
Organizers: Fikru Haile and Cesar Santos

Symposium to Honor the Scientific Legacy of Jan O. Washburn (1952-2024)
Organizers: Leon Lounibos and Eric Haas-Stapleton

Systematic Entomology Laboratory and Partners: Interplay of Systematics, Collections, & Agriculture
Organizer: Michael Gates

Team Building for Tomorrow: Empowering Extension Through Modern Collaborations
Organizers: Isaac Esquivel and Ashleigh Faris

The Sterile Insect Technique: Innovations, Challenges, and Future Directions
Organizer: Marion Le Gall

Tomorrow's Rice Pests Are on the Move, How Can Our Entomology Science Stop Them Today?
Organizers: Nupur Sarkar and Lina Bernaola

Toward a More Holistic Management of the Western Bean Cutworm, Striacosta albicosta
Organizers: Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jeffrey Cluever, Julien Saguez

Widespread Communication in Science: Graphical Representation of Leading-edge Techniques
Organizers: Jacquelline Maille, Michelle Au, Alexis Alsdorf, Flinn O'Hara, and Sabita Ranabhat

Women of Today Empowering Women of Tomorrow for Leadership Roles Across Careers in Insect Science
Organizers: Lauren Beebe, Chloe Hawkings, Jocelyn Holt, and Julia Wooby

Organized Meetings

12th Latin/Hispanic Symposium: Insect Science Without Borders
Organizers: Rosa Lozano, Steven Reyna, Ana Cabrera, Carlos Esquivel Palma, Ricky Lara, Leslie Alejandra Aviles Lopez, and Arani Cuevas-Sanchez

Environmental Entomology and Journal of Economic Entomology Awards and Overview: Empowering Authors
Organizers: Melody Keena, Therese Poland, Nan-Yao Su, Lisa Neven, and Michael Brewer

FIT Business Meeting with Accomplishments of the Formal and Informal Teaching Pilot Section
Organizers: W. Wyatt Hoback, David Serrano, Carly Tribull, Doug Golick, and Molly Keck

International Society of Hymenopterists Meeting
Organizers: Natalie Dale-Skey and Craig Brabant

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Jinmo Koo, Sangwoo Seok, and Donghun Kim

MUVE Business Meeting with Highlights of Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology
Organizer: Kyle Jordan

North American Dipterists Society Meeting
Organizer: Jessica Gillung

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Networking-Brainstorming Session
Organizers: Adekunle Adesanya, Edmund Norris, Kristopher Silver, and Ana Velez

Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section Networking Session & Awards Celebration (Open to All Attendees)
Organizers: Cesar Rodriguez-Saona and Anjel Helms

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Rekha Bhandari, Pragya Kiju, Kushal Naharki, Anjana Duwal, Anju Poudel, Saurav Ranabhat, and Binita Sigdel

SysEB Business Meeting
Organizers: Andrea Lucky and Marek Borowiec

Taiwanese Entomologist Association Meeting
Organizers: De-Fen Mou and Ching-Wen Tan


Empowering the Future of Insect Scientists: BIPOC Entomologists and Allies Leading Change
Organizers: Michelle Boone, John Mola, Raul Medina

Empowering Your Future in Industry: An Interactive Career Workshop
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Sajjan Grover, Debora Montezano, and Gabi Inveninato Carmona

Infographics Toolkit: Enhancing Scientific Synthesis and Communication in and out of the Classroom
Organizers: Hannah Chu and Amy Murillo

Insect Decline RCN Workshop
Organizers: Jessica Ware, David Wagner, Eliza Grames, Christie Bahlai, and Chris Halsch

Level up Your TAship: Empowering Tomorrow’s Educators of Insect Science
Organizers: David Serrano, Victoria Pickens, and Jacqueline Maille

Macrophotography Workshop
Organizer: Ian Wright

Mapping Your Success – Designing and Measuring Impacts of Programs for High Impacts and Engagement
Organizers: Sondra LoRe and Leslie Ries

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Organizers: Erin Cadwalader and Ana Vélez

Public Health Entomology for All: Interview Skills Development
Organizers: Elynn Owens, Jacoby Clark, and Cassandra Durden

Science, Story, and Pictures: A Beginners Guide to Communicating Your Science with Comics
Organizers: Carly Tribull, Ainsley Seago, Jay Hosler, and Escher Cattle

Tips for Writing a Compelling Award Nomination hosted by the Awards & Honors and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committees
Organizers: Patricia Prade, Mustapha Debboun, Mark Wright, Sarah Elzay, and Richard Mankin

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