Entomology 2019 Symposia & Organized Meetings

The following have been selected as symposia for Entomology 2019.

Program Symposia

Section Symposia

Member Symposia

Organized Meetings

Program Symposia

Advocating Diversity Among Entomologists: If Insects Are Diverse, We Should Be, Too!
Organizers: Katelyn Kesheimer, Hannah Penn, Gail Kampmeier, Karen Walker, and Phyllis Weintraub

Insect Decline in the Anthropocene
Organizer: David Wagner

Marketing Entomology in the 21st Century: Delivering Knowledge, Changing Attitudes and Encouraging Action
Organizers: David Onstad and Keri Carstens

Working with the Fourth Estate: Building Bridges between Science and the Media
Organizers: Lauren Diepenbrock and Susan Weller

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Section Symposia

Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE) Section

Advocate Research and Development of Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Can We Really Eliminate Mosquito-Borne Disease in the 21stCentury?
Organizer: Byron Reid

Emerging and Neglected Infectious Diseases: Innovative Vector Research
Organizers: Baldwyn Torto and David Tchouassi

Indoor Pests and Human Health: Advocating for Interdisciplinary Interactions
Organizers: Zachary DeVries and Coby Schal

Promoting Warfighter Readiness: DoD-Funded Entomology Research and Product Development
Organizers: Gabriela Zollner and Erica Lindroth

Urban Pests and Vectors: Emerging Impacts, Sustainable Management, and Future Research
Organizer: Paul T. Leisnham

Vectors, Hosts, and Pathogens: Advocating Cross-System Dialog and Research in Entomology
Organizers: Cynthia Lord, Christopher Vitek, Chelsea T. Smartt, and W. Braswell

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section

Cross-Pollination Across Sectors: A Forum on Pollinator Health & Safety
Organizers: Katherine Karberg, Daniel Schmehl, Reed Johnson, and Sarah Wood

From Fat to Fact: Recent Insights on Insect Lipid Metabolism
Organizers: Umut Toprak and Laura Musselman

Insecticidal RNAi: From Targets to Field Applications
Organizers: Swati Mishra, William Moar, June-Sun "Sunny" Yoon, and Ana Vélez

Insecticidal RNAi: New Invertebrate Targets, Mode of Action and Resistance
Organizers: Ana Vélez, William Moar, Swati Mishra, June-Sun "Sunny" Yoon

INSecticide TArgets and Resistance (INSTAR) Summit
Organizers: Troy Anderson, Daniel Swale, Jeffrey Bloomquist, John Clark, Kun Yan Zhu, Thomas Sparks

Mechanisms of Chemical Adaptation to Support Pest and Pollinator Management
Organizers: Fang Zhu and Timothy Moural

New Insecticidal Proteins: Novel Methods for Discovery and Characterization
Organizers: William Moar and Mark Nelson

Novel Applications and Risk Management of Genetic Technologies for Pest Management
Organizers: Nicholas Teets and Justin Bredlau

Odorant Reception and Perception in Mosquitoes and Flies
Organizers: John Carlson and Walter Leal

Recent Trends in Pollinator Research – Understanding and Mitigating Current Stressors
Organizers: Priyadarshini Chakrabarti and Ramesh Sagili

Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE) Section

Advocacy in Action: Tackling Invasive Species through Collaboration, Policy, and Public Engagement
Organizers: Jocelyn R. Holt, Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Lina Bernaola, Molly Darlington, and Rebecca Zimler

Advocating for Coexistence of IRM and IPM
Organizers: Graham P. Head, Caydee Savinelli, Tony Burd, Adrian Duehl, John Immaraju, Scott Ludwig, Hector E. Portillo, and Diane Reynolds

Advocating for Endangered Insect Species - Policy, Science, Tools and Practical Considerations
Organizers: Pamela Bachman, Caydee Savinelli, and Tony Burd

Advocating for Entomological Solutions to the Grand Challenge of Global Food Security in the 21st Century
Organizers: Hannah Quellhorst and William Morrison

Advocating for Entomology from the Air: Innovative Applications of Drone Technology in Entomological Research and Pest Management
Organizers: Angelita Acebes-Doria and Carey Minteer

Advocating for Forest Entomology through Teaching and Extension
Organizers: Kayla I. Perry, Rachel Arango, and Jessica Hartshorn

Advocating for IPM in a Dynamic Agricultural World
Organizers: Heather Leach and Ashley Leach

An Advocate for Biological Control: Honoring the Career of Dick Reardon
Organizers: Joseph Elkinton and David Wagner

"Callows” and “Pre-imaginal" Professionals of Pollination Research
Organizers: Nicholas Anderson, Jonathan Tetlie, and C. Scott Clem

Charles Valentine Riley: Founding Advocate for Entomology
Organizers: Donald C. Weber and Carol Anelli

Generalist Arthropod Biological Control Agents: Effective, But Are They Safe?
Organizers: David A. Andow and Debora Pires Paula

How to Speak for the Pollinators? Using Big Data to Manage and Conserve Pollinator Communities
Organizers: Christina M. Grozinger and Melanie Kammerer

Invasion of the Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, in North America
Organizers: Kelli Hoover and Julie Urban

The Larry Larson Symposium: Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith), Invasion in Africa and Asia: A Cooperative Effort to design Integrated Pest Management Programs
Organizers: Luis Gomez, Boris Castro, and Amanda Jacobson

Transmission Ecology of Vector-borne Phytopathogen
Organizers: Ordom Brian Huot and Yesenia Ithaí Ángeles-López

Using Integrated Observational, Mechanistic, and Experimental Research Approaches to Drive Conservation Decisions: Lessons from Butterfly Species in Peril
Organizers: Kelsey E. Fisher and Victoria Pocius

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) Section

20 Years of Biological Survey in the Southern Appalachians: An Update on the Smokies All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI)
Organizers: William Kuhn, Todd Witcher, Becky Nichols, and Paul Super

Bugs in Technicolor: How Color Research Advocates for Entomology
Organizers: Amanda Whispell and Melissa Sanchez Herrera

The Road to Sociality: Integrated Concepts of Social Behavior in Insects
Organizers: Qian "Karen" Sun, Hongmei Li-Byarlay, and Thomas O’Shea-Wheller

What Everyone Ought to Know about Insect Biodiversity in the Urban Environment
Organizers: Isa Betancourt and Greg Cowper

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Member Symposia

21st Century Outreach: Innovative and Inclusive Outreach and Extension
Organizers: Elizabeth Barnes and Amanda Skidmore

A Microbe, an Herbivore, and a Plant Walk Into a Field...: Interkingdom Interactions
Organizers: Loren Rivera Vega, Anjel Helms, and Swayamjit Ray

Advances in Hemipteran Biology and Control
Organizers: Colin Brent and Brian Hogg

Advocate Entmology without the Jargon
Organizers: Brian Lovett and Esther Ngumbi

Advocate for All Entomologists! Insect Scientist Stories from Beyond Academia
Organizers: Lindsy Iglesias and Ryan Gott

Advocate Sharing: The Science of Unpublished Results in Entomology
Organizer: Leslie Rault

Advocate with Your Pen (or Keyboard): Writing about Entomology for All Audiences
Organizers: Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris and William Morrison

Advocating Entomopathogens for Sustainable Agriculture
Organizer: Robert Behle

Advocating for Entomology through Societal Impacts: Maintaining the Relevance and Visibility of Entomology in a Changing World
Organizers: Fiona L. Goggin and Matthew O'Neal

Advocating for Insects as Food and Feed
Organizer: Elida Espinoza

Analyzing Insect Development, Where Do We Stand? Expansions and Limitations in the Field of Forensic Entomology
Organizer: Lauren Weidner

Applications of Molecular Ecology and Ecological Genomics to Agriculture and Pest Management
Organizers: Tyler Raszick and Alana Jacobson

Arthropod-Vertebrate Molecular Interactions and Pathogen Emergence
Organizer: Berlin Londoño-Renteria

Black Soldier Fly: Saving the World One Bite at a Time
Organizer: Matan Shelomi

Catching the Right Career: An Entomology Employment Expedition
Organizers: Mary Rushton, Marc Fisher, and Ronda Hamm

Caterpillars in a Tritrophic World: Adaptations and Counteradaptations
Organizers: Suzanne Koptur and Robert Marquis

Contributions of Daniel Potter to Science, Students, and IPM
Organizers: David Held, Robert Williamson, and Allison Walston

Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Insect Communication and Physiology
Organizers: Henry Chung and Adrian A. Smith

Defying the Decline: Applied and Research-Based Conservation Initiatives Making a Difference in Sustaining Insect Biodiversity
Organizers: Carrie Hall and Daniel Howard

Effects of Land Management and Disturbance on Wild Bee Communities
Organizer: Seth Davis

Emerging Topics in Honey Bee Research: Growing Needs to Communicate and Advocate for Research-based Information
Organizers: Jennifer M. Tsuruda and Juliana Rangel

Entomological Bycatch: Plenty to Advocate For
Organizers: Louis Hesler and Chris Looney

Entomology Advocacy as a Conduit for Biodiversity Conservation: 7th Latin American/Hispanic Symposium
Organizers: Ricky Lara, Silvia Rondon, Ismael E. Badillo-Vargas, Ana Legrand, and Lina Bernaola

Finding Common Ground: Non-chemical Pest-Management to Protect Organic and Conventional Crops
Organizers: Amber Sciligo and David Gonthier

Forensic Entomology
Organizer: Stephanie Olson

Growing the Next Generation of Entomology Advocates: A Focus on Entomology Education with Middle and High School Students
Organizers: Douglas Golick, W. Wyatt Hoback, and David Held

He pua no ka wēkiu: Honoring the Life and Work of Roger Vargas
Organizers: Jaime Pinero, Jian Duan, Nicholas Manoukis, and Thomas Green

Latest Advancements and Challenges in Insect Rearing and Testing
Organizers: Chitvan Khajuria, Peter Jensen, and Cara Vazquez

Linking Insect Movement Ecology with Applied Pest Management
Organizers: Govinda Shrestha, Sudip Gaire, and Jhalendra Rijal

Mite Evolution
Organizers: Samuel Bolton, Ray Fisher, and Adrian Brückner

Monitoring and Managing the Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, in Africa and Asia
Organizer: Rangaswamy Muniappan

New Discoveries and Practical Approaches to Greenhouse Insect Management
Organizers: Luis Canas, Ray Cloyd, and Eric Rebek

New Frontiers in the Study of Insect Vectors of Plant Pathogens
Organizer: Ismael E. Badillo-Vargas

Next-Gen Scientists: Mentorship and Teaching Strategies to Advocate for Undergraduate Entomology Education
Organizers: Carly Tribull, David Serrano, Stephanie Mafla Mills, Scott O'Neal, and Katelyn Kesheimer

Novel Mode of Delivering Chemicals and Control Agents to Manage Urban Pests and Vectors More Eeffectively
Organizer: Raj Saran

Population Genetics and Pest Control: Advocating a Leading Role for Entomologists
Organizers: Jennifer Baltzegar and Megan Fritz

Preparing to Sequence the Planet - Starting with our Insect Friends
Organizers: Stephen Richards, Monica F. Poelchau, Erin Scully, and Susan Brown

Promoting Women’s Research: Global Food Security
Organizers: Alexandria Payne, Cecilia Tamborindeguy, Leah Buchman, Jaclyn Martin, Tara-Kay Jones, and Loren Rivera Vega

Recent Advances in the Study of Neuropterida
Organizers: David E. Bowles and Atilano Contreras-Ramos

Recent Approaches to Studying Invertebrate Responses to Rapid Environmental Change
Organizers: Amanda Koltz, Lauren Culler, and Toke Høye

Recent Innovations in Post-Harvest Entomology: Improving Food security in an Era of Globalized Agriculture
Organizers: Erin Scully and Valerie Nguyen

Regulatory Entomology: Many Hands, One Mind
Organizers: Jason Hansen and Christine Lynch

Semiochemicals of Wood-Boring Beetles
Organizers: Robert Mitchell and Ann Ray

Social Resilience: Understanding How Environmental Stressors Impact Social Insects, from the Individual to the Collective Scales
Organizers: James Crall and S. Hollis Woodard

SOLA Scarab Workers
Organizers: Andrew B. T. Smith and Nicole Gunter

Space, Time, and Disease: Vectors across Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales
Organizer: Katie Westby

Spodoptera frugiperda in Africa and Asia: Potential for Novel IPM
Organizers: Aziz Ajlan, Khalid Alhudaib, Muhammad Haseeb, and J. R. Faleiro

Synthesizing Microevolution of Plant Defenses against Insects across Disciplines
Organizer: Eric Yip

Systematics and Diversity of the Tenebrionoidea
Organizer: Christopher Wirth

The Intersection of Industry and Research:  Semiochemical Solutions for Major Agricultural Pests
Organizers: Brent Short and Danielle Kirkpatrick

The Show-Me State: Current Entomological Research and Conservation in Missouri
Organizer: Reese Worthington

The Staphylinidae Verses: 63,000 Stanzas Long
Organizers: Brittany Owens and Michael Ferro

Tick Endosymbionts: Obligatory, Facultative, or Idiosyncratic?
Organizers: Mackenzie Tietjen and Raul F. Medina

Unabashed Advocation of Arthropods: Living Tribute to Justin O. Schmidt
Organizers: Theresa Pitts-Singer, Natalie Boyle, and Casey Delphia

Why and How to Advocate for the Science of Insect Control
Organizers: Shilpa Swarup, Graham P. Head, and Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes

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Organized Meetings

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Monica Farfan and Samuel Bolton

Highlights of Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology & MUVE Business Meeting
Organizer: Changlu Wang

International Society of Hymenopterists
Organizers: Natalie Dale-Skey and Barbara Sharonowski

IOBC NRS Annual Meeting: Early Career Professionals Advocating Bbiological Control
Organizers: Ivan Hiltpold, Cesar Rodriguez, and Donald C. Weber

IUSSI North American Section Business Meeting
Organizers: Jennifer Jandt, James C. Nieh, and Sara Cahan

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: June-Sun "Sunny" Yoon, Sang-Bin Lee, Dong-Hwan Choe

North American Dipterists Society (NADS) Meeting
Organizers: Torsten Dikow and Matthew Bertone

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Meeting Networking Session
Organizer: David O'Brochta

Plant-Insect Ecosystem (P-IE) Section Networking, Business, and Learning Session (All Welcome)
Organizer: Diane G. Alston

Sacred Order of the Geniculate Antennae (SOGA) Weevil Workers
Organizers: Maria Lourdes Chamorro and Robert S. Anderson

Small Orders, Big Ideas
Organizers: Derek Woller and Hojun Song

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Govinda Shrestha, Sudip Gaire, and Sulochana Paudyal

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) Section Preliminary Business Meeting
Organizers: Floyd Shockley, Jennifer M. Zaspel, Aaron Smith, Andrew Short, and Rebecca B. Simmons

The Coleopterists Society General Meeting
Organizer: Robert S. Anderson

WERA 1021: An Update on Biological Control Research Against Spotted-Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii)
Organizers: Mark Asplen and Jana Lee

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