Entomology 2021 Symposia & Workshops

The following have been selected as symposia & workshops for Entomology 2021:

Program Symposia

Emerging Scientists Tackling Emerging Topics: Entomologists Addressing Global Issues in Health, Food Insecurity, Climate Change, and Biodiversity
Organizers: Karen Poh and Carly Tribull

Plant a Seed Today: Cultivating Communication and Policy Strategies to Engage the Public in Future Science Challenges
Organizers: Jennifer Gordon, Meaghan Pimsler, Clare Rittschof, and Erin Cadwalader

Practicing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Entomology: What Has Worked, What Hasn’t Worked, and Where Do We Go from Here?
Organizers: Lauren Esposito, Jessica Ware, Aaron Goodman, Dominic Evangelista, Manpreet Kohli, Megan Wilson, Melissa Sanchez Herrera, and Sallqa-Tuwa Stephanita BondocGawa Mafla

The Larry Larson Symposium: Scientific Advances on Insect Species Adaptation to the Impact of Climate Change and Habitat Transformation
Organizers: Luis Gomez, Amanda Jacobson, and Boris Castro

Transforming Teaching in Entomology: Engagement Through a Pandemic
Organizers: Chloe Hawkings and Ashleigh Faris

Understanding and Responding to Insect Declines
Organizer: David Wagner

What Is the Role of a Scientific Society in 2021?
Organizers: Ernest "Del" Delfosse, Robert Wiedenmann, and Grayson Brown

Section Symposia - Medical, Urban, & Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)

Adopting Innovative Technologies to Transform Monitoring & Detection of Pests in Urban Environment
Organizers: Raj Saran and Alexander Ko

Advance Research in Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Advances, Strategies and Challenges to Tick Control
Organizers: Susan Paskewitz and Kirby Stafford

DoD-funded Research to Transform Ideas into Advanced Products for Vector Control and Bite Prevention
Organizers: Gabriela Zollner and Michelle Colacicco-Mayhugh

From Start to Finish: The Path to Product Development
Organizers: Sydney Crawley, Jennifer Gordon, and Glenn Skiles

Opportunity, Constraint, or Mishap? Exploring Forces of Selection Acting on Parasitic Arthropods
Organizers: Jeb Owen, Emily McDermott, and Amy Murillo

Tick and Tickborne Pathogen Surveillance: Tracking the Expanding Risk of Tickborne Diseases
Organizers: Charles Beard and Rebecca Eisen

Vector/pathogen Molecular and Cellular Interactions
Organizers: Adela Chavez and Raul Medina

Section Symposia - Physiology, Biochemistry & Toxicology (PBT)

A Functional Genomics Approach to Insect Overwintering and Cold Tolerance
Organizers: Emily Nadeau and Nick Teets

Mechanisms and Strategies of Arthropod Adaptation to the Chemical Environment
Organizers: Fang (Rose) Zhu, Qian (Karen) Sun, Timothy Moural, and Thomas Baker

Technical Advances and Regulatory Perspectives in RNAi for Control of Agricultural Pests
Organizers: Ana Velez, Kenneth Narva, William Moar, and Molly Darlington

Tradeoffs of Adapting to a Changing World: From Physiological to Behavioral Transformations
Organizers: Makaylee Crone, Erin Treanore, and Gabriela Quinlan

Uncomfortable Conversations About Insecticide Resistance
Organizer: Adekunle Adesanya

Section Symposia - Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE)

Adapting, Advancing and Transforming Molecular Tools for Insect Management
Organizers: Joerg Romeis and Steven Naranjo

Adapting to Evolving Knowledge of Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) Biology and Ecology for Advancing Management Practices
Organizers: Kelli Hoover and Julie Urban

Advancements in Arthropod Management in Controlled Environments
Organizers: Juang Horng “JC” Chong, Lance Osborne, Erich Schoeller, and Gunbharpur Gill

Arthropod Pest Management in Large Scale Agroecosystems
Organizers: Ashleigh Faris, Gary Hein, and Michael Brewer

Conserving Insects in a Vertebrate-minded World by Sharing Stories of Challenges and Success Across Taxonomic Boundaries
Organizers: John Mola and Jonathan Koch

Ecology, Epidemiology, and Management of Whiteflies and Whitefly-transmitted Viruses
Organizers: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Alvin Simmons, and Allen Moore

Entomopathogenic Nematode Signaling and Behavioral Ecology Translates into Improved Sustainable Insect Management
Organizers: Ivan Hiltpold and David Shapiro-Ilan

Herbivory Through the Ages: Understanding Patterns of Insect Damage Through Space and Time
Organizers: Emily Meineke and Will Wetzel

Insects in a Changing World: Urban Systems as a Model for Disturbance
Organizers: Jacqueline Buenrostro and Ruth Hufbauer

IOBC-NRS Symposium: Diversity in Biocontrol: Scale, Systems, and Practitioners
Organizers: Rob Morrison and Don Weber

IPM Models: A Holistic Approach to Both Traditional and Modern Tools
Organizers: Lidia Komondy and Karly Regan

Pollinator Nutritional Research: From Collecting and Characterizing Floral Resource Provisions to the Inference of Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences
Organizers: Rodney Richardson and Anthony Vaudo

Transforming Agricultural Landscapes: Current Perspectives on How Intensification Impacts Arthropods and Pathways Toward a Sustainable Future
Organizers: Jennifer Zavalnitskaya and Erin Lowe

Using Technology to Adapt, Advance, and Transform Insect Resistance Management
Organizers: Patti Prasifka and Scott Ludwig

Section Symposia - Systematics, Evolution, & Biodiversity (SysEB)

Adapt, Advance, Coevolve: Exploring Convergent Evolution in Ants and Their Partners
Organizer: Rodolfo Probst

Highlights from EntoPOC Instar Student Research
Organizers: Sallqa-Tuwa Stephanita BondocGawa Mafla, Jessica Ware, Lauren Esposito, Manpreet Kohli, Melissa Sanchez Herrara, Dominic Evangelista, Megan Wilson, and Aaron Goodman

Insect Conservation for a Changing World: Integrating Ecology, Policy, and Public Outreach
Organizers: Sam Heraghty and Thomas Franzem

Reckoning with Colonial Entomology: Decolonizing, Indigenizing, & Reconciling for a Just Future
Organizer: Sallqa-Tuwa Stephanita BondocGawa Mafla

Member Symposia

2021 Education and Outreach Adapting to Challenges, Advancing the Science, Transforming the Future
Organizers: Wyatt Hoback and Doug Golick

9th Latin American/ Hispanic Symposium: Rising Strong in Entomology
Organizers: Steven Reyna, Ricky Lara, Ana Cabrera, Carlos Esquivel Palma, and Ana Velez

Acarology in Sustainable Agriculture
Organizers: Emilie Demard, Samantha Willden, and Lorena Lopez

Adapting, Advancing, and Transforming Forest Entomology for Climate Change
Organizers: Jessica Hartshorn, Kayla Perry, Rachel Arango, and Molly Darr

Adapting to Overcome: Strategies for Students Navigating a Diverse, Changing World
Organizers: Patricia Prade, Raman Sandhi, Shelby Kilpatrick, and Sarah Elzay

Adapting Stored Product Entomology for New Research Challenges: Advancements in Functional Genomics, Chemical Ecology, and Beyond
Organizers: Erin Scully, Raman Bansal, Vincent Hervet, Paul Shirck, and Arnaud Martin

Advancements in Developing Baculovirus-based Insecticides as Mainstream Tools for Lepidopteran Pest Management
Organizer: Paula Marçon

Advancing Entomological Research Through Participatory Methodologies
Organizers: Ann Fraser, Aman Luthra, and Kiran Cunningham

Advancing Insect Genomics Through the Ag100Pest and i5K Initiatives
Organizers: Brad Coates and Sheina Sim

Advancing Public Understanding of Local Invasive or Nuisance Insects
Organizers: Kim Hung and Jennifer Henke

Advancing Undergraduate-focused Teaching and Mentorship in Transformative Times
Organizers: Carly Tribull and David Serrano

Advancing Weevil Genetics, Genomics, and Molecular Tools: Adapting New Strategies to Transform Weevil Pest Management
Organizers: Lindsey Perkin and Tyler Raszick

All Things Gross: 'Nasty' Women Daring to Advance and Transform Entomology
Organizers: Nicole Quinn, Jessica Kansman, and Rob Morrison

Applied Use of Semiochemicals in Field Situation
Organizer: Xavier Martini

Celebrating Entomological Diversity While Advancing the Management of Invasive Species
Organizers: Chloe Hawkings, Jocelyn Holt, Estelle Martin, and Karen Poh

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Samantha Willden and Emilie Demard

Dispatches from the Field: Documenting Insect-Virus Interactions in Natural Populations
Organizers: Angela Smilanich, Nadya Muchoney, Deane Bowers, and Adrian Carper

Dormancy and Changing Environments: Characterizing Responses to Temperature and Other Stressors
Organizers: Julia Bowsher, Kendra Greenlee, Travis Rusch, and Jacob Campbell

Engaging Youth (Specifically Teens) in Entomology
Organizer: Josiah Kilburn

Entomologists in Industry: The Place to Advance Your Career ... and Transform Your World
Organizers: Marlin Rice and Ronda Hamm

From Genotype to Phenotype: Molecular Regulation of Variation in Insects
Organizers: Rajendhran Rajakumar, Karl Glastad, and Brendan Hunt

Four Decades of Adapting, Advancing and Transforming IPM: Honoring the Career of Dr. Anthony Shelton
Organizers: Steven Naranjo and Richard Roush

Highlighting Women's Research: Insect Adaptations to a Changing World
Organizers: Jaclyn Martin, Erika Peirce, Morgan Thompson, Joan King, Chujun Li, Casey Flint, and Leah Buchman

In Memory of Our Beloved Colleague, Dr. Daniel A. Strickman
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Insect Trapping Networks: Using Areawide Trap Data to Improve Pest Management
Organizers: Luis Espino and Jhalendra Rijal

Insulin Signaling as a Master Regulator for Arthropod Adaptation
Organizers: Shirley Luckhart and Michael Riehle

Integrated Management Approaches to Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
Organizers: Michelle Hartzer and Jolieke van Oosterwijk

Molecular Battle Between Plants and Insects
Organizer: Sajjan Grover

Multisystem and Novel Approaches to Insect Pest Management
Organizers: Seun Oladipupo and Oluwaseun Ajayi

Protecting Earth’s Insect Biodiversity: Insect Decline Research and Taking Action
Organizers: David Wagner and Eliza L. Grames

Staphylinidae: Unmasked!
Organizer: Michael Ferro

Tephritidae Systematics, Diagnostics, Phylogeny, Evolution & Natural History
Organizers: Clifford Keil and Erick Rodriguez

Ticks and Parasite Mites: From Ecology to the Molecular Bases of Host-parasite-microbe Interactions
Organizers: Shahid Karim, Amy Murillo, and Patricia Pietrantonio

Transforming Entomology Research and Education at Historically Black College and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions
Organizers: Hongmei Li-Byarlay and Michelle Samuel-Foo

Writing: Beyond Publications
Organizer: Angela Coco

Organized Meetings

Adapt, Advance, and Transform Your Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Experience: A Networking and Brainstorming Session
Organizers: Ronda Hamm and Troy Anderson

Environmental Entomology and Journal of Economic Entomology Awards and Overview
Organizers: Melody Keena, Therese Poland, Michael Brewer, Frank Zalom, and Nan-Yao Su

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Sang-Bin Lee, Dong-Hwan Choe, and June Sunny Yoon

MUVE Section Business Meeting
Organizer: Michael Reiskind

North American Dipterists Society (NADS) Meeting
Organizers: Torsten Dikow, Matthew Bertone, and Stephen Gaimari

P-IE Section Networking Session
Organizer: David Onstad

Small Orders, Big Ideas (Polyneoptera)
Organizer: Derek Woller

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Sujan Dawadi, Sudip Gaire, Binita Shrestha, and Babu Panthi

SysEB Annual Business Meeting
Organizers: Rebecca Simmons, Chris Hamilton, Jennifer Zaspel, and Katja Seltmann

Taiwanese Entomology Association Meeting
Organizers: De-Fen Mou, Ching-Wen Tan, Tse-Yu Chun, and Po-An Lin

The Coleopterists Society Annual Keynote Presentation
Organizers: Crystal Maier and Bob Anderson


Accessing and Working with NEON Invertebrate Data
Organizers: Katherine E. LeVan and Richard Lehrter

Becoming a Mindful Entomologist: Towards a More Productive, Creative, and Happier Scientific Life
Organizer: Ana Pineda 

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