Entomology 2018 Program Symposia

The following have been accepted as Program Symposia for Entomology 2018 which will be held November 11-14, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Borderless Parasites, Borderless Pollinators: Broadening Our Understanding of Pollinator and Parasite Communities
Organizers: Amber Tripodi, James Strange, Ellen Klinger

Citizen Science in a Changing World: Successes & Challenges Across Projects and Institutions
Organizers: Daniela Sorger, Sean Ryan, Jenna Florio

Crossing Borders for a Healthier Tomorrow: The Role of Entomology in the One Health Initiative
Organizers: Scott O'Neal, Joanna Konopka, Dan Peach, Isobel Ronai, Nicholas Larson

Crossing Borders Without Permission: Accidental Introduction of Biological Control Agents, a Significant Phenomenon with Risks, Benefits, and Policy Implications.
Organizers: Donald Weber, Tim Haye, Peter Mason

Insect Microbiomes: Traversing Disciplines to Understand and Manage Helpful and Harmful Hexapods
Organizers: Jacob Russell, Martha Hunter

Undergraduate, Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals: Preparing to Address the Grand Challenges Facing Entomology/Agriculture in a Changing Campus/Workplace Environment
Organizer: Michael Parrella

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