Eastern Branch Student Ten-Minute Paper Competition Information

Evaluation & Judging

Students who present ten-minute papers in the Student Competition will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Scientific Content (50%)

    • Introduction & background (10 points)
    • Objectives or hypotheses clearly stated and concise (10 points)
    • Materials and methods (study design): clear, concise, and accurate (10 points)
    • Interpretation of results and analysis: clear, concise, and accurate (10 points)
    • Significance of results to field of study clearly discussed (10 points)
  • Presentation 50%

    • Organization: Logical order, minimum redundancy (5 points)
    • Smooth transitions between presentation slides and sections (5 points)
    • Slides use universal design principles with appropriate fonts, font sizes, and high contrast images (for example, avoiding color schemes that are hard to distinguish for colorblind participants like red/green) (5 points)
    • Slides have no grammatical errors and are not excessively wordy (5 points)
    • Effective use and description of visuals (i.e.; photos, diagrams, figures, and tables); do they support the presentation narrative? (20 points)
    • Appropriate volume (uses microphone if available) and speed of speech; clear communication; scores should not be dependent on the quality of audio equipment (5 points)
    • Effective use of time; 10-12 minutes with appropriate balance across presentation sections, with time to field questions effectively (5 points)

Download the rubric

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