Arthropod Photo of the Week

The wonder and beauty of insects and arthropods is plain to see—if you're just willing to get close enough to look. Talented photographers around the world do just that, and every week ESA features a new picture of an insect or arthropod on its social media channels.

Follow ESA on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon and look for the hashtag #arthropodPOTW. A new post goes up every Wednesday afternoon (U.S. Eastern Time).

Arthropod Photo of the Week is an extension of ESA's annual World of Insects Calendar. The yearly call for photos takes place between February and May, and photos submitted are considered for both the calendar and Arthropod Photo of the Week. Bookmark this page or the World of Insects Calendar and check in February for info on how to submit your photos for consideration.

ESA thanks the members of its Committee on the Insect Calendar (Chris Brown, Megan Asche, Isa Betancourt, Ted MacRae, Tom Myers, Alex Wild, and Danae Wolfe) and several at-large members for their assistance in taxonomic identification for many featured photos: Andrey Khalaim, Patrick Liesch, Spencer Monckton, Davide dal Pos, Michael Skvarla, and Miles Zhang.