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Hear from innovative thought leaders in the field of entomology. ESA hosts several webinars a year featuring career development best practices, how-to guides, and more. Registration is free for ESA's hour-long webinars and archives of each presentation are available for ESA members only. Consider joining ESA today!

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Wednesday, September 23
1 pm ET
Leadership Lunch: Why and How to Serve on an ESA Committee

Looking to get more involved with ESA? Consider joining one of the many ESA committees shaping the various programs and activities of the Society. Even if you are on the fence about increasing your engagement with ESA, please consider this interactive webinar. Hopefully it will answer your questions: Why should I consider serving on a committee? What do committees do anyway? What positions are open? What is the process for joining a committee? Join our live Q&A and hear about the experiences from fellow ESA members from all career levels that are serving in a range of positions from Diversity & Inclusion to Student Affairs to Leadership Development. Via this approach, we hope to help all members engage the Society, especially women and minorities.

The Panel will include:

  • Lauren Diepenbrock
  • Brian Lovett
  • Cesar Rodriguez-Saona
  • Alix Whitener, BCE-Intern

View the list of upcoming committee vacancies for 2021:


Apply for a Presidential Committee and Task Force:


Wednesday, October 14, 2020 3pm ET How to Make Great Scientific Figures

Webinar attendees will develop intuition for how best to visualize their data (e.g., optimal chart types and color schemes), will learn about novel visualization strategies that can be adapted for scientific data, and will gain familiarity with software that will allow them to generate scientific figures both through writing code and through point-and-click interfaces that require no programming knowledge.

Sandra R. Schachat holds a B.A. in art history and an M.S. in entomology, and is currently finishing her Ph.D. She serves on three ESA committees. She is passionate about using visual tools to communicate science to various communities.




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