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Hear from innovative thought leaders in the field of entomology. ESA hosts several webinars a year featuring career development best practices, how-to guides, and more. Registration is free for ESA's hour-long webinars and archives of each presentation are available for ESA members only. Consider joining ESA today!

Design Thinking Webinar Series


Please note: Registering above signs you up for all of the webinars in the series, but it is not a requirement to attend all. 


  • Webinar #1 - Tuesday, April 30 – Empathy/Personas & Problem Identification

During this first webinar we will discuss how important it is to truly understand the problem your product or service is trying to solve. You will learn how to develop personas and empathy for the potential users, which can be incorporated into a more successful design. You will be exposed to tools that will help you to observe, engage, watch and listen to the potential user, to get a realistic understanding of the end user’s experiences.

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  • Webinar #2 - Thursday, May 16 – How to Ideate

During our second webinar we will discuss different ways for generating the best solutions that will address the problem you defined using the tools from the first seminar. We will show how ideation methods such as bodystorming, mindmapping and sketching can help you to come up with the broadest range of possible ideas (not necessarily with the “right” idea). The goal of these creativity tools is to look beyond the obvious, to harness your team’s expertise and to uncover unexpected solutions.

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  • Webinar #3 - Tuesday, May 28 – Prototyping & Testing

The next step in the design process is to bring your creative ideas to be. In the third seminar we will discuss different prototyping methods, with a focus on low and medium fidelity prototypes, that can help you ideate, problem-solve, communicate and cheaply test multiple design solution possibilities. We will also discuss how to best test your design solution and the prototypes. Testing will help you refine your design, teach you more about the user, and will help you validate your own point of view of the problem and the solution.

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  • Webinar #4 - Tuesday, September 17  -  Pitching and Demonstration

During this webinar we will share methods for how to pitch your novel ideas.

Want to apply the skills you will learn throughout the series? Consider competing in Entomology 2019's Antlion Pit Competition.


Marianne Alleyne – Research Scientist and Lecturer
Department of Entomology at University of Illinois

Aimy Wissa - Director of the Bio-inspired Adaptive Morphology Lab
Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at the University of Illinois


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