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Whether this is your first professional scientific meeting, or you have attended meetings in the past, students planning to attend Entomology 2017 should participate in ESA's hour-long Know Before You Go webinar to learn about student events, and Annual Meeting happenings like 3-Minute Lightning Bug Talks, Workshops, and Lunch and Learns. Hosted by ESA's Student Affairs Committee, the four presenters will provide tips and tricks on ensuring you make the most of your time at the Annual Meeting, with topics such as networking tips, what to wear, what to bring, and more! 

Speakers from ESA, Lewis-Burke Associates, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) discuss the logistics of the March, best practices for non-partisan advocacy on behalf of science, and advice for productively engaging with the media during and after the March. For more information about ESA's activities in Support of the March for Science, click here.

You are responsible for managing people, but how do you juggle getting the job done, inspiring your mentees, and empowering your grad students to be the best they can be? You will learn how to be a good leader, traits to look for in mentees, how to tailor your mentoring to each individual, and more.

You've found the perfect job to apply for, but what do you do next? Tailoring your resume to the position or drafting the perfect teaching statement can be daunting. Learn what to include in your job application package and how you can make yourself look great on paper, impressing your future potential employers no matter which direction your career goes. Our panel will touch on select topics including tips when writing a teaching statement and how to apply for a position within the USDA.

In this second part of the two part webinar series, participants will learn more about getting involved with committees, judging panels, and the editorial process; volunteering at the ESA Annual Meeting; and how to give your best presentation at your next meeting.

Did you know your next job interview begins before you even walk in the door or submit your CV for consideration? In part one of Standing Out from the Crowd, we will explore how to meet the right people, and get them to remember you; tips and tricks to leveraging your graduate program to build on your personal development; and the steps to take to become involved in outreach and community service programs.

Do cover letters give you writer’s block? You’re not alone. Not only can job ads can be overwhelming, many describe such an “ideal candidate” that you get discouraged and decide not to apply.  In this session, I will give you step-by-step instructions for writing powerful cover letters.

While tenure track academic jobs are often heralded as the traditional career path, most MS and PhD’s are finding employment in other fields. What are these other alternative career options and how do you find out about them? This webinar introduces three attractive options, county extension and 4-H, USDA-APHIS and the world of regulatory agriculture, and faculty positions at a teaching institution with opportunities for world travel. The presenters will also talk about how to find more information about alternative career options and what you can do to prepare for the job of your future!

You have made the commitment to go to ICE 2016, now ensure that you will have the best time possible. Tips on planning the best experience include: what not to miss; how to plan your schedule in advance; what to bring; what to wear; and how to take advantage of the networking opportunities available to meet the right people. This is a not-to-be-missed webinar event for ICE 2016 attendees!

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