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Here, you can view the recording of our EAW2020 Webinar discussing insect biodiversity loss and what can be done to address it. 

Watch the archived webinar from EAW2020 to learn more about the ongoing global locust crisis. 

View the archived webinar discussing the work being done by the various CDC Regional Centers of Excellence for Vector Borne Diseases and their ongoing work from their directors

This webinar discussed the next Federal Farm Bill.  For access to this webinar, please reach out to us here.

In this webinar Political Strategist, and Screenwriter Shawn Otto discusses the intersection of science and politics

In this informative and interactive webinar, presenters Erika Machtinger, PhD, CWB®, Keith Machtinger detail the benefits of interdisciplinary instruction and draw connections across disciplines.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic ESA hosted a webinar, presented by Dr. Craig Coates and Dr. Adrienne Brundage geared towards highlighting resources and best practices for educators that have moved to a virtual classroom.

Get excited for Entomology 2019! Whether this is your first professional scientific meeting, or you have attended meetings in the past, students planning to attend Entomology 2019 should participate in ESA's hour-long Know Before You Go webinar hosted by ESA's Student Affairs Committee.

Are you fully prepared to enter the job market? Join ESA and Dr. Karen Kelsky, founder of ‘The Professor is In’ for a free virtual workshop series designed to provide insight into the Academic and non-Academic job markets. The interactive workshops will explore current conditions of the job market, what search committees look for, how to build a competitive record, how to articulate that record in job applications and interviews, and how to effectively negotiate when offered a position.

The third step in the design process is to bring your creative ideas to be. In the third seminar we will discuss different prototyping methods, with a focus on low and medium fidelity prototypes, that can help you ideate, problem-solve, communicate and cheaply test multiple design solution possibilities. We will also discuss how to best test your design solution and the prototypes. Testing will help you refine your design, teach you more about the user, and will help you validate your own point of view of the problem and the solution.