Online Programs and Courses in Entomology


The following universities offer online distance-learning courses in entomology, and some offer programs which offer degrees. To learn more, contact the university entomology departments.

Cornell University
Offers ENTOM 2030 Discovering the Fascinating World of Bees.  This 6 week, asynchronous course is being offered online for Summer 2023.Whether you're a nature lover, a budding environmentalist, or just curious about the world around you, Bee Biology is the course for you! The course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of honey bees and wild bees - from their ecology and behavior, to their importance in the ecosystem and sustainable agriculture.

Clemson Cooperative Extension
Offers an Entomology for the Naturalist course to explore the evolution, natural history, and characteristics of insects and their kin, including the numerous reasons for their incredible success. The course also surveys the vast insect diversity, focusing on the groups of insects you will most likely encounter in nature. 

Iowa State University
Offers a number of online courses, including Introduction to Insects, Management of Insect Pests, and Insects and Society.

Michigan State University
Offers an online course in Forensic Entomology.

North Carolina State University
Offers several on-line courses in entomology, including Insects and People; An Introduction to the Honey Bee and Beekeeping; and General Entomology.

Ohio State University
Offers several online entomology courses, such as ENTMLGY 4607 (veterinary entomology), 5600 (IPM), and 2101 (Insects and Human Affairs), plus an online master's degree in Plant Health Management in conjunction with the Department of Plant Pathology.

Purdue University
Offers a non-credit online course on Pest Management Technology as part of a correspondence course series on pest management offered by the department. Other courses in the series are offered on demand as traditional correspondence courses and include: Food Plant Pest Management; Turfgrass Pest Management; Intermediate and Advanced-Level Urban and Industrial Integrated Pest Management; and Termites and Other Wood-Destroying Pests. For more information, go to their website. Purdue is also developing a “for-credit” online version of their Introduction to Forensic Science course for 2008.

Texas A&M University
Offers undergraduate and graduate level coursework at a distance for degree- and non-degree-seeking students interested in careers in agriculture and related businesses involving IPM.

University of Florida
Offers many individual courses and 15-credit certificates at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as an online Master of Science degree (non-thesis) with concentrations in Entomology, Medical Entomology, Landscape Pest Management, and Urban Pest Management.

University of Maryland at College Park
Offers an online Master of Professional Studies in Applied Entomology as well as graduate certificates in beekeeping, integrated pest management, organic and sustainable agriculture, and urban agriculture. 

University of Minnesota
Offers a number of online integrated pest management related courses.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Offers a full-curriculum distance M.S. degree in entomology. The distance option emphasizes course work in entomology and flexibility in non-entomological training specific to individual student needs and interests.