Three Hosts in an (Arthro)Pod-cast: How Three Entomologists Communicate Their Love of Insects

Drs. Jody Green (UNL), Jonathan Larson (UK), and Michael Skvarla (PSU) discuss their journey in science communication including how they communicate their interests in entomology, how they started their podcast, and other venues in which they practice science communication. They are currently affiliated in Extension programs at their respective universities, but they are also co-hosts of “The Arthro-Pod Show,” a podcast dedicated to all things insects and other arthropods! Learn more about our presenters, science communication, and how to do it successfully!

From Bug Poetry to Effective Writing

Join presenter Jim Benton for an hour-long classroom experience of experimenting with translating the writing of poetry to writing more effectively in any genre. Participants will write, share their writing, share responses with each other, revise and edit, and discover an effective writing process.

Take Better Insect Photos: Tips From the Experts

Looking to up your insect photography game? Join us for a 90 minute webinar with advice and tips for mastering the art of insect macrophotography. Insect photography experts will share their know-how on equipment, technique, and composition to help you get better insect shots—whether for your own use or for contribution to an ESA publication.

How to Submit a Successful Symposium

Have a great idea for a symposium topic for the Annual Meeting? Unsure where to get started? Join the Entomology 2021 Program Chairs for a conversation on how to submit a successful symposium proposal. We will be covering the differences between types of symposia, what makes a strong proposal, and key considerations for developing your submission. Join us to discuss your ideas and find collaborators to build out a successful submission.

Transforming ESA Awards: "How To" nominate excellence in 2021

Dr. Laramy Enders (UNL) and Dr. Sarah Zukoff (KSU) outline the many ingredients required to deliver a truly great scientific presentation. In the first half, Laramy focuses on the dos and don’ts of presenting at an annual meeting such as ESA’s, Entomology 2015. In the second half, Sarah focuses on presenting to the public in an extension capacity. Combined, they offer valuable advice for entomologists and scientists in any stage of their career.

How to Make Great Scientific Figures

Webinar attendees will develop intuition for how best to visualize their data (e.g., optimal chart types and color schemes), will learn about novel visualization strategies that can be adapted for scientific data, and will gain familiarity with software that will allow them to generate scientific figures both through writing code and through point-and-click interfaces that require no programming knowledge.