MUVE Travel Award for New Attendees

This award encourages MUVE student members to attend the annual meeting to promote interest in entomology and help connect new attendees to current members.

Public Health Entomology for All (PHEFA) Travel Grant

Deadline - April 1st - To apply for a PHEFA Travel Grant, you must be a faculty member at an MSI and provide us with contact information regarding you and the students who will accompany you. The students may be undergraduate or graduate students.

PBT Graduate Student Travel Award

Deadline - June 1st Annually - All graduate students are welcome to apply and identify how their candidacy for the travel award will help to fulfill PBT’s goals of supporting individuals who have been historically underrepresented in STEM.

Alate Award

Deadline - June 1 Annually
The applicant must be a current ESA student member who is earning a degree (B.S., M.S., or Ph.D.) and studying specifically at least one insect in the field of entomology, or performing entomology-related research in a field such as biology agricultural science, forestry, evolution, ecology, or environmental sciences.

International Branch Graduate Student Award

Deadline - December 15th Annually - Applicants must be enrolled as a graduate student in graduate school at the time of the presentation of the Award, or have completed the degree within the last 12 months preceding.

Pacific Branch John Henry Comstock Award

Deadline - December 15th Annually - The student nominee must be currently enrolled as a graduate student in entomology, or have graduated no more than one year prior to presentation of the award at the PBESA annual meeting.