Dr. Andrea Lucky
Associate Professor
University of Florida

Vice President
Dr. Marek Borowiec
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University

Jessica P. Gillung

Vice President-Elect
Dr. Jessica Gillung
Assistant Professor; Director, Lyman Entomological Museum
McGill University

Past President
Dr. Katja Seltmann
Katherine Esau Director 
University of California - Santa Barbara

Will Kuhn

Dr. Will Kuhn
Director of Science & Research
Discover Life in America

Andrew Short

Governing Board Representative
Dr. Andrew Short
Chair and Professor Insect Biodiversity
University of Florida

Emily L. Sandall Early Career Professional Representative to the Governing Council
Emily Sandall
Science Policy Analyst/Advisor
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Judicaël Fomekong Lontchi Student Representative to the Governing Council
Judicaël Fomekong Lontchi
PhD Student
Brigham Young University

Contact Information for Current Officers

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