Pacific Branch Student Opportunities

PB Graduate Student Symposium Organizer 2008

Duration of Position: One year
Responsibilities: Will participate in the recruitment and selection of presentations, and be in charge of preparation and organization the Graduate Student Symposium.
Benefits: Development of professional and organizational skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Appointed by: Pacific Branch ESA President

ESA Pacific Branch Student Affairs Committee

Committee Description: Student Affairs Committee shall consist of one student member from each state and one member from territories outside the U.S specified by ESA branch listing.  Visit to see listing.
Duration of the position: 2 year position
Responsibilities: To promote the well‑being of students in the Branch and organize program sessions necessary to facilitate student involvement in branch activities and education. 

Responsibilities with the Committee:

1. Working with SAC Chair to improve student activities and participation in regional and national meetings.

                        a. May include, but not limited to

                                    1. Organization of Graduate Student Symposium

                                    2. Organization of Linnean Games.

2.Organization of Student opportunities announcements at PB‑ESA Annual Meeting.

Benefits: This is an opportunity to help develop and polish professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Nominated by:  University Department Heads for the various states and provinces, interested parties should contact their department head.

Appointed by: ESA Pacific Branch President