Frequently Asked Questions for Submissions

***All presenters can choose to submit pre-recorded presentations if they are unable to attend Entomology 2021 in person. Pre-recorded presentations will be available to in-person and virtual attendees for on demand viewing. Registration fees are required.

What are the submission categories for the Annual Meeting? And what is the difference between them?

View the complete list of submission categories for the Annual Meeting, along with their descriptions.

I do not feel comfortable traveling or am unable to travel to the Annual Meeting in Denver. Is there an option to present virtually?

Yes! When submitting your talk or poster/infographic, you will be asked whether you will be presenting live in-person or virtually. Simply check that you will be presenting virtually. 

Please note that all virtual presenters will be required to register for the meeting at the virtual attendee rate. View registration rates.

If I plan to presenter in-person, but am later unable to travel, will I have the option to present virtually?

Yes! ESA staff will allow submitters to change their presentation format (live or virtual) through September 15. Email to request the change. All virtual presentations are required to be uploaded by Wednesday, October 13.

Is there a fee to submit to Entomology 2021?

No. Submitters are not required to pay a submission fee. However all presenters will be required to register for the meeting regardless of presentation type. View registration rates.

Is there a limit on the number of presentations speakers may make at Entomology 2021?

Yes. Entomology 2021 presenters are limited to one oral presentation and one poster presentation. This includes contributed, student competition, and invited presentations part of symposia. Participants in Organized Meetings and Workshops are allowed an additional presentation.

Is there a limit on the number of submissions to the Student Competition taking place at Entomology 2021?

Yes. Students may only enter one presentation to the student competition.

If I have been invited to present in a symposium or Organized Meeting, do I still need to submit my presentation and abstract online?

No. If you have been invited to present in a symposium or an Organized Meeting, you should not submit your presentation online. Please email your presentation title and abstract to your symposium organizer directly.

I am considering a 10-minute presentation. How long will I have to present and answer questions?

Presenters should plan to speak for 10 minutes leaving 2 minutes for questions (12 minutes total). Student competition participants will be judged by their ability to effectively manage time and answer questions, so be sure to plan accordingly.

How do I know if my submission is complete?

Your submission is considered complete once the all of the required information has been entered and you select the Submit button. You will receive an automatically generated email confirming your submission details. 

If I start my submission and have to exit out before it is completed, can I pick-up where I left off?

Yes. You may login back into the submission portal anytime between now and the submission deadline to update or complete your submission. 

Once I have completed by submission, will I be able to make any edits/changes?

Yes. You will be able to access your submission through the submission portal and make any edits/changes necessary until the submission site closes on June 14, 2021. 

What information is required for submission?

Submitters are required to provide a presentation title, co-authors (as applicable), and an abstract. Please note that presentation titles will not be editable after the submission deadline. However, presenters will have the ability to edit abstract text early August through October 13. 

Are abstracts required for submissions?

Yes. Abstracts are required for all submitted presentations and should be no longer than 250 words. Presenters will be able to edit their abstracts from early August through October 13. 

What are the guidelines for preparing an abstract?

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words in length and written in English. Do not include titles, authors, or addresses in the text of the abstract. Use scientific names for species and taxonomic groups. Presenters will be able to edit their abstracts from early August through October 13.

Will I be able to edit my abstract after the deadline?

Yes. After the deadline has passed and the Program Committee has reviewed all submissions, presenters will receive an email with a link to access their abstract and make any necessary edits. Presenters will be able to edit their abstracts from early August through October 13.

Will I be able to edit any other information after the deadline?

Yes. After the deadline has passed and the Program Committee has reviewed all submissions, presenters will receive an email with a link to access their submission and make limited edits. Please note that titles may not be edited after the June 14 deadline.

How do I know if I am submitting to the student competition?

After you login to the Entomology 2021 submission portal, select "Click here to begin a new submission." After you enter your presentation title, select your preferred Student Competition program (i.e. Student Competition 10-minute Paper, Student Competition Poster, etc) from the dropdown list. 

If you have already submitted your presentation but are unsure whether you submitted to the correct category, please refer to your submission confirmation email or select "Preview Submission" in your submission portal. Both items will state the name of the program to which you submitted. If you did not submit to the student competition but intended to, please email by June 30, 2021 to have your submission moved to the appropriate category.

When will I find out whether my submission has been accepted?

Acceptance notifications will be sent by ESA staff in mid-August of this year.

Will virtual presenters have the opportunity to present live?

Unfortunately, no. Due to technical and budgetary constraints, all virtual presentations will be pre-recorded and available on-demand only. Viewing will be available in the online program and mobile app. 

Will there be an opportunity for Q&A with speakers of on-demand presentations or e-Posters?

Yes! We will be enabling a Q&A feature in the online program that will allow attendees to post their questions online. Presenters will be able to login and answer any questions or comments posted by attendees. 

If my submission is due by June 14 and I am presenting virtually, when will I have to upload my on-demand presentation or e-Poster?

All speakers who have on-demand presentations (oral, poster, infographic) will be able to upload their presentation and record audio for their presentation online September 1-October 13. More information, including instructions on how to upload and record your presentation, will be made available in September. 

When do submissions for virtual posters (e-Posters) open?

Submissions for all presentations will open in mid-March with a deadline of June 14. There is not a separate deadline for virtual posters (e-Posters). 

I missed the regular paper and poster submission deadline, can I submit a virtual presentation?

There is not a separate deadline for virtual submissions. All submissions are due by June 14. Please email for information on late submissions.

If I submit a virtual presentation, do I still have to register for the meeting?

Yes. All presenters, regardless of submission type, are required to register for the meeting. ESA is offering a discounted registration rate for those unable to attend in person. View registration rates.

Is funding available for presenters?

Yes and no. There is limited funding available for invited speakers presenting in symposia. Symposia organizers have been provided with instructions on how to request funding for eligible speakers. However, funding is not available for presenters of submitted presentations.

Will I have the opportunity to withdraw by presentation if I cannot attend/do not want to pay the virtual submission fee?

Yes, all presenters are allowed to withdraw their presentation at any time. We kindly ask that we receive all cancellations by September 13, 2021 so that the program can be finalized for the presenters and attendees participating in the meeting.

Are you accepting Lunch and Learns?

No. Due to clearning requirements between sessions, we are unable to host sessions during the lunch hour.

Will I receive a printed program book?

No. In order to be flexible and accommodate last minute presentation changes from in-person to virtual, we are unable to print a program book that will be accurate at the time of the meeting. The Entomology 2021 mobile app will have robust search capability, scheduling, remote Q&A, and the ability to watch all virtual presentations. We'll notify all speakers and attendees when the app is available for download.

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