2004 ESA Annual Meeting

2004 ESA Annual Meeting


November 14-17, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah

Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

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Number of Presentations Submitted

Section A 23
Section B 14
Section C 67
Section D 8
Sections E&F 45
Total 157



Session A1
First Place: Michelle DaCosta, University of Minnesota (Poster # 7)
Honorable Mention: Jadranka Rota, University of Connecticut (Poster # 9)

Session A2
First Place: Erik Pilgrim, Utah State University (Poster # 14)
Runner Up: Obdulia Segura-Leon, University of Nebraska (Poster # 16)

Session B
First Place: Ashoka Maddur, Kansas State University (Poster # 28)
Runner Up: Christian Kaufmann, University of Georgia (Poster # 24) 

Session Ca1
First Place: Anna Fiedler, Michigan State University (Poster # 48)
Runner Up: Bethzayda Matos, Iowa State University (Poster # 41)

Session Ca2, Cc, Ce
First Place: Olgaly Ramos, Kansas State University (Poster # 99)
Runner Up: Jiang Chen, University of Georgia (Poster # 98)

Session Cd1, Cb1
First Place: Julianna Tuell, Michigan State University (Poster # 66)
Runner Up: Andrea Agius, Michigan State University (Poster # 69)

Session Cd2, Cf
First Place: Vanessa Ware, University of Arkansas (Poster # 74)
Runner Up: Betsy Anderson, USDA-ARS, Wooster, OH (Poster # 82)

Session Cd3
First Place: Bridget O’Neill, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Poster # 83)
Runner Up: Jennifer Williams, University of Arizona (Poster # 95)

Session Cd4, D
First Place: Sheri McElroy, University of Arkansas (Poster # 106)
Runner Up: Banugopan Kesavaraju, Illinois State University (Poster # 112)

Session Cb2, Fb1
First Place: Wendy Park, State University of New York-Syracuse (Poster # 58)
Runner Up: Yaowaluk Chanbang, Kansas State University (Poster # 157)

Session F1
First Place: Matthew Rawlings, Oklahoma State University (Poster # 130)
Runner Up: Chase Metzger, Washington State University (Poster # 122)

Session F2, Ea
First Place: Susan Sutliff-Shipley, North Carolina State University (Poster # 132)
Runner Up: Julia Congdon, University of Florida (Poster # 115)

Session Fa
First Place: John Diaz-Montano, Kansas State University (Poster # 140)
Runner Up: Lisa Franzen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Poster # 141)

Judges and Moderators

Student Competition Co-Chairs Susan Weller and Kathleen Shields and the rest of ESA would like to sincerely thank the 39 judges whose hard work and dedication ensured that the display presentations for the student competition were completed with success.


Jim Ballard

Carl Boohene

Jim Campbell

Catherine Duckett

Bob Davis

Jim Fisher

Maria Guadeloupe-Rojas

Sonia Gaul

Claudia Husseneder

Demian Kondo

Thomas Kuhar

Kirk Larsen

Michael Levin

Jeff Lord

Richard Mankin

Dan Miller

Ross Miller

Xinzhi Ni

Raju Pandey

Frank Peairs

Helen Puche

David Ragsdale

George Rambo

Rick Redak

John Reese

Rosemarie Rosell

Danielle Ross

Olav Rueppell

David Shapiro-Ilan

Bob Sites

Andrew Smith

Alton Sparks

David Taylor

Patrick Tobin

Astri Wayandande

Don Weber

Dan Young

Gabriella Zilahi-Balogh

Greg Zolnerowich