2005 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

<2005 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Who Won the Linnaean Games?

The University of Missouri won the 2005 ESA Linnaean Games, with Montana State University as the runner-up.

Having won the championship, several members of the University of Missouri team had to return to classes before the final business meeting where they were to participate in the challenge match against the Old Timers Team.

Hampered by the loss of three of the four team members, a “dream team” of alumni from former University of Missouri Linnaean Games championship teams was put together for the challenge match. The new Missouri team consisted of Tom Leak from the current team, plus Floyd Shockley and Mike Ferro.

The Old Timers team was an eclectic group (see photo caption below). In 2004, the students won the challenge match, but this year, the Old Timers were on top of their game, winning 120 to 75.

Thanks to all who contributed to these spirited competitions, including the other teams—Clemson, Cornell, Kansas State, New Mexico State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Pennsylvania State, and Washington State Universities. Also, much appreciation should be extended to the Linnaean Games Committee—Chair Phil Mulder, Gamesmaster Tom Turpin, Challenge Match Gamesmaster Marlin Rice, and Members Sue Blodgett, Jerry Bowen, Jeff Bradshaw, Andrine Morrison, and Sujaya Rao.

2005 Linnaean Games winners (left to right) Erica Lindroth, Mike Reinke, Tom Leak, and Sarah Phipps from the University of Missouri, Division of Plant Sciences.  

The "dream team" of alumni from former University of Missouri Linnaean Games championships included (left to right) Tom Leak from the current team, plus Mike Ferro and Floyd Shockley.

"Old Timer" team members (left to right) Governing Board
Representative Carl Jones of the University of Tennessee,
former ESA President J.E. McPherson of Southern Illinois
University, 2006 Vice President-Elect Mike Gray from the
University of Illinois, and 2006 Past President Mike Ivie of
Montana State University.